Tim Hortons Coffee Menu Prices 2024

The most popular one-stop caffeine-fix-store hailed from Canada, Tim Hortons has a prolific coffee menu to leave the coffee-lovers in awe.

With nine different variations of coffee (including hot and iced brews), you can’t get enough of it!

The Tim Hortons Coffee Menu allows its customers to choose from four different cup sizes. You can pick up any size for your morning Espresso shots or hop in the trend of Iced Lattes.

Team Tim’s oaths to take the concept of drinking coffee to another level- brewing fresh, premium Arabica beans every 20 minutes to satisfy coffee cravings of all sorts. 

Take your pick of coffee just as plain as it is or amplify the trial with the favorite Canadian Style ‘Double Double’ (double the cream, double the sugar)

Today we want to bring all the coffees to the table (no pun intended!) from Tim Hortons. Its biggest retailers are the USA and Canada; we’ll discuss the menus, the prices, and everything in between!

Tim Hortons Coffee Menu

If your brain is only fueled by coffee (like us!) or you just want to spend your lazy afternoon with caffeinated bliss, the baristas at Tim Hortons are waiting for you at the door to serve you just what you need! Let’s take a look at the options:

Brewed Coffee

The classic pick-me-up offers an amazing aroma of roasted beans and a smooth, bold taste. This brings out the joy and originality of the 100% Arabica beans. Treat yourself to this at only $1.83.


Creamy milk mixed with rich espresso for a smooth and balanced treat. The shots of espresso are just enough to elevate your mood. And that’s not just it, flavoured lattes are just about to enter the chat!

Fudge Brownie330$4.29

Iced lattes are also available that are just the right fit for a hot summer day, head over to the ‘Iced Coffee’ section if you’re into that!

Baileys Cream Coffee

Rich coffee ups its game with the creamy sweetness of Baileys, this luxurious treat offers a decadent escape in every sip. You can enjoy it for only $2.79.

Dark Roast Brewed Coffee

This one is acidic and perfect to kick off all that morning dizziness. It’s like a caffeinated jolt that holds a smoky aroma with a bitter taste.

It’s also a healthier choice meaning you’ll be consuming only 4 calories. Not only that, it’s a cheaper option to enjoy coffee as well ($1.83 for a medium)!

Coffee Mocha and French Vanilla

Chocolate lovers rejoice! Velvety chocolate is infused with espresso shots which creates a creamy, silky texture.

With a price of $2.29, you can get your hands on it only if you’re lucky because it’s the favorite among the customers!

A touch of vanilla is blended with coffee for the latter one. The perfect balance of vanilla beans and coffee beans will deliver just the right amount of sweetness.

Since it offers a little bit more of that luxury, you have to pay 50 cents extra than a coffee mocha.


The love of all in the coffee world! This is a concentrated shot of the original found at only $1.49.

Iced Coffee

A blend of coffee and ice is planned for the hot days. Starting from lattes to cappuccinos, we all need an iced treat every once in a while.

The healthiest and cheapest option for this will be a black iced coffee with 0 calories consumed and only $2.49 spent. You’ll have to compensate for fewer calories at the same price for an original. Now, let’s have a look at the table.

Tim Hortons Iced Lattes Menu

Flavours AvailableCalories/ServingPrice(s)
Fudge Brownie200$3.99
Fudge Brownie Almond180$4.49

Hold on, we’re not done yet! Cold brews and iced capps are there to save the day if you got bored of lattes!

Tim Hortons Cold Brew Menu

Flavours AvailableCalories/ServingPrice(s)
Original cold brew150$2.99
Vanilla Cream160$3.49
Roasted Hazelnut with Espresso Cold Foam220$3.99
Baileys Cold Brew with foam280$3.99

Tim Hortons Cappuccino Menu

A perfect balance of textures and flavours- creamy milk foam crowns a rich espresso base to decorate this coffee.

Flavours AvailableCalories/ServingPrice(s)
Oreo Double Stuf Ice560$4.29
Oreo Double Stuf Redeye570$5.29

Tim Hortons Macchiato

This espresso shot is topped with a dollop of whipped cream which brings out the frothiness of the coffee.

These coffees are offered in four sizes- small, medium, large, and extra-large. With a universal standard, all the information provided refers to ‘Medium’ size.

The prices and calories will change accordingly as you go up or down. Also, you get to choose your preferred blend (original/ dark roast/ decaf). The choice of coffee condiments depends entirely on you.

You can go for Black for an original taste with zero cream and sugar- or you can level up the experience with what they call ‘Regular’, ‘Double Double’, Or ‘Triple Triple’ with extra espresso/ flavor shots.

Maybe top it up with a dash of whipped cream? What you need to check for is the availability of the items by contacting your nearest Tim Hortons as prices and items vary.

Tim Hortons Hot Coffee Menu

Explore your coffee-loving appetite in Tom Hortons style! From classic espressos to bold americanos, and creamy lattes to frothy cappuccinos, you can find your perfect cup of rich, dark roast, smooth-roasted delight.

Don’t forget to try something extra- how does soothing matcha infuse in a Latte or a decadent Choco-Mocha sound?

Tim Hortons Coffee Menu Canada

Originating in Canada, Tim Hortons pays a special ode to the country’s heritage of fresh coffee. According to the updated pricelist of 2024, here’s a breakdown of the coffee menu.

Type of coffeeTemperatureFlavorsPrice
Original BrewHotIcedHotIcedHotIced
RegularBlack Iced Coffee$1.83$2.49
Dark RoastOriginal Iced Coffee$2.49
Black/ Ori Cold Brew$2.99
Espresso  N/AN/A$1.49 
Americano N/AN/A$2.49
CaramelMocha/ Caramel$3.99$3.99
Caramel ToffeeVanilla$4.29$3.99
Cappuccino Original$3.49$3.59

Also to be noted that this is a general coffee menu for Tim Hortons all over Canada, visit their official site to see what’s more in the store for you!

Prices will also vary on states. Some states in Canada offer Oreo Double Stuffed Capps and Fudge Brownie Lattes.

Tim Hortons Menu Michigan

The Tim Hortons Coffee Menu for Michigan is pretty much similar to the Canadian version. You might find some price and item variations.

However, on first look, the options are limited on the Michigan, USA.

More specifically, neither of the iced cappuccinos, ‘Oreo Double Stuf Ice’ or ‘Oreo Double Stuf Redeye’ are available on the Michigan menu.

The same applies to the Fudge Brownie flavored Iced Lattes. But don’t worry Michiganders, the extensive coffee menu is just enough to pair with your doughnuts and TimBits!

As for the price range, they have little to no difference from the Tim Hortons Canada Menu. The featured drinks on the menu are a medium coffee for $1.83 and a medium iced coffee for $2.49.

Tim Hortons Iced Coffee Menu

Tim Hortons’ iced coffee menu is specially designed to beat the heat! The menu is equipped with over 30 iced beverages, 15 being dedicated to iced coffees while the other 15 being dedicated to fruity beverages.

Tim Hortons’ extensive iced coffee menu, offers all the classics such as original black, lattes and mochas alongside strong and rich Americanos and Macchiatos- but iced.

The blend of the fresh brew with the perfect balance of ice will give you the chill for life!

The iced cappuccino alone comes in five different flavors, each one promises a seamless blend of cream and coffee.

Out of the ordinary options like the nitro-infused Nitro Cold Brew or an indulgence offered in every sip like the Birthday Cake Iced Capp will broaden your palate experience.

Not a coffee-lover? Good news for you, their iced beverage selection is equally tempting. That features fruity Coolers, creamy Chills, and refreshing Iced Teas in tons of flavors.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Coffee Does Tim Hortons Serve?

Tim Hortons serves what’s known as the dominant cultivar of coffee, Arabica.
They claim to brew a premium blend of 100% roasted arabica beans every 20 minutes to deliver the nice range of iced, hot and other coffee items on-the-go.

How Do You Get Tim Hortons Coffee For $1?

You can enjoy $1 coffee for a week when you register for ‘Tims Rewards’.
But you must make sure to link your card on the app or online to use the points and redeem this awesome deal.

Does Tim Hortons Give Free Coffee?

Absolutely! Customers who install the Tims App and enroll in Tims Rewards will be rewarded with a complimentary medium cold beverage during their first payment with the app.
But mind you, this offer can be claimed just within the first seven days of registration.
Also, you can be extra happy on your birthday as Timmies are there for you to celebrate it with a free drink. With the same Rewards membership, you just need to activate the deal.

What Can I Get At Tim Hortons For $3?

As of 9 January 2023, A recent launch named ‘TimSelects’ promotes three breakfast options for $3 each.
Classic Canadian Bacon Sandwich with smoked bacon and English muffin
Sausage Sandwich
Tasty bagels (with cream cheese)
Taxes are included. Also note that if you want egg to top the sandwich, you’ll need to pay $0.19 for each.

What is Tim Hortons Famous For?

Being Canada’s largest restaurant chain, Tim Hortons is people’s favorite place for quick-serve and fresh-brewed coffee.

Is Tim Hortons Coffee Arabica Or Robusta?

Tim Hortons prepares their coffee every 20 minutes with premium Arabica beans.
Arabica beans deliver a smooth, creamy, and rich flavor which is the reason they are adored by the majority of the coffee connoisseurs!

Final Thoughts

Timmies’ offers a legit menu for all sorts of classic coffee cravings. The coffee menu caters to a broad range of tastes, from classic brews like flavored Lattes and French Vanilla to bolder options like Dark Roast and Americano.

Even though Tim Hortons might disappoint a few adventurous joe-fellows with their twisted takes on just the Classics, the Classics themselves are available in impressive flavor variations which makes up for it. Pair those with tasty treats to elevate a morning coffee to pure joy.

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