Tim Horton Hours 2024 (Breakfast & Driv-Thru Hours Included)

Tim’s, (or Tim Hortons) has achieved the love of Canucks (and people worldwide!) serving their rich coffee and tasty treats relentlessly.

With flexible operating hours, which is 24/7 as a general schedule, they have different strategic business hours allocated for different food items and states.

With so many variations and stores all across the world, Tim Hortons never fails to serve its customers with diligence.

Today we’re here to inform you all about Tim Hortons hours, so you know when to drop by for a quick fix of your doughnut cravings or when is the best time to visit the store for your morning coffee. Stay tuned and we’re sure to deliver you some ‘Timmie’-nsights!

Why Are Tim Horton Closing Hours Different?

Even though it’s mentioned that Tim Horton is open 24/7, it mainly depends on which state we’re talking about. M

ajority of the Team Timmies’ claim that food items start to get low in stock at around 8.00-ish. Still, the store remains open if any highway riders need to get a stop for a warm sip of coffee.

As we mentioned before, when Tim Hortons closes totally depends on the states and the amount of food they have to offer. Hover on to the next section so we can enlighten you more!

Tim Horton Hours: What Time Does Tim Horton Open & Close?

This section is undoubtedly the most important because we’ll be discussing Tim Horton’s hours. Keep reading to know about operating hours, the 24/7 locations, the breakfast hours, and many more!

24-Hour Locations

Tim Hortons has some 5,000 stores in 13 different countries, being the largest quick-service store- Tim Hortons has varying operating hours.

Tim Hortons has a 24-hour serving policy even though they have a hard time serving some items that go out of the ordinary.

In Canada, a good number of stores remain open 24/7. Some noteworthy mentions are Newcastle and Morrisburg from Eastbound as well as Odessa and Port Hope from Westbound. To find out more locations like this you can easily check on OnRoute.

While there are some 24/7 Tim Hortons locations in the US, they are the exception rather than the rule. It’s always best to check the specific store’s hours online or by calling ahead before you pay a visit.

Tim Horton Breakfast Hours

Tim Hortons now serves breakfast all throughout the day, starting from this year. But before this, the time was from 6.00 am to 10.00/11.00 am.

However, the new and current agreement vouches for taking orders from the breakfast menu at any time of the day.

Tim Horton Late-Night Hours

As for late night hours, truth be told, usually, you won’t be offered most of the items cause the stock reaches the end. However, you can still rely on Tim’s for a hot cup of coffee almost any time!

There’ll always be someone to cater to your cravings at the 24/7 stores as their shift is from 11.00 pm to 7.00 am.

Tim Horton Drive-Thru Hours

In general, most Tim Hortons drive-thru(s) tend to have the same hours as the store itself. This means that if the store is open, the drive-thru is likely open as well. Areas with high traffic or late-night demands might call for different drive-thru hours.

The same goes for holiday times. Later on, we’ll refer you guys to some links so you can easily locate the nearest Tim Hortons and get to know their operating hours on different courses of events.

We got to know that the following states in the USA are most populated which implies that all the stores are gonna be busy. Here are the operating hours of Tim Hortons for people around these areas,

Also, the table is a good example that all Tim Hortons are not open 24/7 and have varying hours. This shows that even within the same state the operating hours can be different (2 examples from each state).

If you go through the websites, you’ll also find a pattern of the delivery hours closing in 30 minutes prior to the in-dine closing hours.

StateOperating Hours (Sun-Sat)
Michigan6 am – 9 pm
5 am – 7 pm
Ohio5 am – 7 pm
4 am – Midnight
New YorkMidnight – 11.59 pm
(no drive-thru)
7 am – 11 pm
Maine5.30 am – 5 pm
5 am – 8 pm
West Virginia5 am – 8 pm
5 am – 9 pm
Pennsylvania5 am – 9 pm
7 am – 11 pm
New Jersey4 am – Midnight
5 am – 11.30 pm (Dine-In)
5 am – Midnight (Drive-Thru)

(The hours stated here are for dine-in and drive-thru)

What Hours Does Tim Horton Serve Breakfast?

Tim Hortons usually had a limited slot for breakfast from 6.00 am to 10.59 am. But recent news delivers a happy announcement of Tim Hortons keeping their breakfast options open all day, every day.

This means that you can order from Tim Horton’s breakfast menu at any time of the day you prefer. Implying the notion that you don’t have to feel guilty craving a hashbrown and a lemonade refresher in the dead of the afternoon!

However, this system is not confirmed in all stores so it’s better to contact your nearest Tim’s for the exact information.

What Time Does Tim Hortons Breakfast End?

Even though Tim Hortons promises to serve breakfast all day, every day from 2024, the standard time for breakfast is from 6.00 am to 10.59 am.

However, we recommend visiting the store during these hours as this is the time when the restaurant tends to be more crowded, and your order from the breakfast menu after this slot might be delayed.

Important Links of Tim Hortons

Still need to check some things out? Don’t worry! We got you covered, here are some important links for seamless navigation.

Official Websitewww.timhortons.com/
Store Locatorwww.timhortons.com/store-locator
Contact Numberwww.timhortons.com/contact-us

Frequently Asked Questions

We found out some common questions about Tim Hortons and well, here are the answers!

Who Took Over Tim Hortons When Tim Horton Died?

Founded by Canadians Tim Horton and Jim Charade, Tim Hortons started their journey in 1964 in Hamilton.
With the course of Tim’s death, Ron Joyce later took over the business. Initially, he partnered with Tim’s as an investor.

Does Tims Do Lunch in The Morning?

The store opening early in the morning, they get to prepare lunch as soon as they are done preparing the breakfast items. Their standard time to start serving for the lunch menu is at 10.00 am.

Is Tim Hortons Owned By Burger King?

On 2014, Tim Hortons merged with Burger King and soon they were subsidiarized under RBI (Restaurants Brands Official).
RBI owns two more prominent restaurant brands (Popeyes and Firehouse Subs). Another parent organization of Tim Hortons is the Wendy’s.

How Long Has Tim Hortons Been Open?

The first Tim Hortons was launched in Ontario in 1964. Since then, the fast-food business with coffee as the main focus has been growing.

Which Tim Hortons Are Halal?

The promotion of Tim Hortons restaurants and their meat does not specifically highlight Halal approval.
Nonetheless, it is crucial to recognize that Tim Hortons’ Crispy Chicken, Chicken Tenders, and Turkey Hot Dog originate from suppliers with Halal-certified products.
It should be noted that the remaining meat selections at Tim Hortons do not carry Halal certification.

Final Thoughts

While their hours vary by location, many Tim Hortons stores operate during convenient opening times to cater to your needs.

We can’t emphasize enough getting in touch with your nearest Tim Hortons because we don’t want you to be all disheartened when you go to Tim’s only to find the ‘Closed’ sign hanging up the nob!

Most locations open early, welcoming bleary-eyed customers with a hot cup of latte before the sun rises. And for those late-night owls, many Tim Hortons stay open well past dinnertime too!

Some of the items may not be prepared during those times so you might have to be satisfied with only what they offer at that moment. Other than that, we wish you Happy Tim Hours!

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