Tim Horton Breakfast Menu With Prices 2024

Could a Canadian breakfast on a bright morning get any better? Duh, the Tim Hortons breakfast menu is a simple yet unique nod to the classic Canadian breakfast that will make anyone keep coming back!

The menu features 6 different meals from wraps to simple snacks. You can customize your order the way you want when it comes to the fan-favorite bagel belts or wraps.

For the drinks/beverages, you have a couple of amazing options and the coffee classics.

Today we’re here to bring the Tim Hortons Breakfast Menu to the table, so you can plan your breakfast ahead of time and don’t have to bore yourself in the drive-thru.

What is Tim Hortons Famous For

What is Tim Hortons Famous For?

This Canadian giant feeds 5 million coffee-lovers every day; and undoubtedly, it’s more than just the coffee.

Tim Hortons is a customer and budget-friendly shop to enjoy freshly brewed coffee and its variety of treats to pair with premium coffee.

Moreover, so, they’re all about capturing the essence of Canadian identity. From their menu choices to their advertising campaigns, they celebrate the unique spirit of Canada.

Tim Horton’s Breakfast Menu Prices

The Tim Hortons breakfast menu is enough to make your Sundays better. What’s more interesting, is that they recently announced the menu will be served all throughout the day.

They start prepping the items from around 6.00 am (may differ in states). So if you peek through the doors around that time, you’ll see some delicious items on the go.

The menu can be divided into 3 sections: carbs, classics, and drinks/beverages. Relevant tables are given below for convenient scanning.

Breakfast Sandwich
Sausage, Egg & Cheese304$3.99
Maple Waffle620$3.99
Bacon, Egg & Cheese438$4.05
Double Stacked632$4.49
Egg & Cheese380$3.10
Sausage Bagel670$4.05
Egg & Cheese Bagel507$3.49
Bacon Bagel543$3.89
Simply Sausage or Simply Bacon472/345$2.30
Bagel B.E.L.T551$4.89
Breakfast Wrap
Loaded Farmer’s778$5.25
Others Breakfast
Avocado Toast190$3.99
Omelette Bites210$2.79

Tim Hortons 2 For $6

Egg, Sausage and Cheese $3.59
Egg and Cheese $3.10
Bacon, Egg and Cheese $4.05
English Muffin
Cheese and Egg $2.99
Cheese, Egg and Sausage $4.05
Egg, Bacon and Cheese $3.59

Tim Hortons Carbs

Hot breakfast sandwichBuild your breakfast sandwich: egg, cheese, your choice of sausage or bacon, on a biscuit, muffin, or bagel. Or go veggie with just egg and cheese.$3.50 – $5.00
Bagel beltFreshly made bagel (pick your Always Fresh Bagel) loaded with crispy bacon, fluffy egg, lettuce, tomato, and cheese.$2.50 – $3.50
Grilled breakfast wrapsChoose between sausage or bacon along with an omelet, some cheese and chipotle in a tortilla.$4.00 – $5.50

Tim Hortons Classics

Homestyle oatmealStart your day right with the hearty oatmeal. Pick maple or mixed berries, low in fat but high in fiber.$2.00 – $3.00
HashbrownsThis golden, fibrous hashbrown will be the nicest addition to your sandwich.$1.00 – $1.50
SnacksGrab something quick to eat if you’re in a rush. Your options are- bagel, English muffin, donuts, hashbrowns, yogurt and berries.$1.00 – $3.00

Tim Hortons Drinks & Desserts

Original BlendGo with this fresh brew or take the double-double for a creamier experience. Or maybe try the loose-leaf steeped tea?$1.83
French VanillaThe brewed espresso with a dash of French vanilla syrup will be perfect to add flavor to that caffeination.$2.79
DonutsTeam up your coffee with donuts (also available in dozens or a half)Depends on how many you order (6 assorted = $7.79)
Greek YogurtA silky parfait with Greek yogurt, varieties of berries and almond granola.$2.00 – $3.00

With their premium roasted coffee, you can easily pair up any of these items. As the coffee slowly starts to kick in, you’ll get the idea of a perfect morning!

(PS: Before you squint at the price ranges, it’s to give you an idea. Add-ons/ variations/ condiments are considered too! Expect to pay a similar range)

What is The New Breakfast Item At Tim Hortons?

Last year Tims introduced a ‘new and improved’ Smoky Honey Bacon Breakfast Sandwich that rapidly grew a fanbase of its own.

Perfect for a diverse palate, this new item is a fresh take on their breakfast sandwiches with a little bit of pizzazz!

The bacon is dipped in Canadian maple after they are double-smoked to deliver a flavor profile of sweetness with the right amount of heat to balance everything out.

This tastes amazing with the egg, cheese, and sauces they usually throw into the breakfast sandwich. The new addition will only take around $5 away from your wallet.

Tim Hortons Delivery Methods

87% of the Tim Hortons stores have a drive-thru lane, but it caters to other options as well!

In StoreYes
Drive ThruYes
Home DeliveryYes (through App/ third-party)

Before you rush to grab your latte based on this information, we’d ask you to check with the store first if they’re available for the type of delivery you’re planning for, (Not all Tims’ have all three delivery options available)

Important Links of Tim Hortons

Official Websitewww.timhortons.com/store-locator
Online Ordertimhortons.ca  
Mobile AppsApple Store
Store Locatorwww.timhortons.com/store-locator
Contact NumberContact for inquiries

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Classic Breakfast Sandwich Tim Hortons?

The classic breakfast sandwich from Tim Hortons is what perfection sounds like!
Egg seasoned perfectly with your choice of carbs (muffin, biscuit, wrap, bagel, croissant); paired with crisp bacon (or any other protein of your choice) and processed cheese- yes that’s the perfect breakfast menu!

What is New With Tim Hortons Breakfast Sandwich?

As of 2023, Tim Hortons launched their ‘hot’ sandwich for breakfast, the Smoky Honey Bacon Breakfast Sandwich.
The sandwich is a new take on the classical that features double-smoked bacon with a Canadian honey glaze.
Just perfect for the sweet & savory lovers out there, isn’t it?

What is Tim Hortons Cheapest Breakfast?

The lineup of breakfast items under $3 each is just right for a budget-yummy breakfast. These value items have-
a) Simply sausage breakfast sandwich on a biscuit
b) Simply Canadian bacon breakfast sandwich
c) Bagel with cream cheese
Apart from these meals, you can get single items for just over $1. For example, the espresso, Dutchies, Blueberry fritters, or some nice walnut crunches.

What is a Farmer’s Breakfast Wrap?

The Farmer’s Breakfast Wrap from Tim Horton’s breakfast menu is a hearty and healthy option.
It’s nothing you can’t make on your own but the wrap serves when you’re tight on schedule.
Also, it’d be sad to miss out on all these filling items- egg, sausage, cheese, and fluffy hashbrowns!

What is The Most Ordered Item At Tim Hortons?

The chocolate glazed Tim-bits and latte were ranked as popular items, but everything is surpassed when the Double-double coffee enters the chat!
It’s simply brewed coffee taken up a notch with two extra shots of cream and sugar both- this delivers the right amount of sweetness, creaminess, and frothiness.

What is a Tim Hortons Everything Croissant?

The Tim Hortons Everything Croissant is a classic favorite besides the Everything Bagel.
It comes with a croissant buttered up to perfection, proteins of bacon/sausage, and a cracked egg- and last but not least, a special Everything seasoning to top everything off.

Final Thoughts

Tim Hortons provides a variety of breakfast items to save you some time in the morning rush and get on with work easily.

Just grab and go! Be sure of the opening hours and the availability of menu items (of the store you’re visiting) by doing a quick scan in their app or just calling. Happy Timmies’ breakfast!

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