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Sonic Coffee Menu With Prices 2024

Sonic boasts about being one of the fastest-serving drive-in restaurants in the US. But did you know, Sonic has a coffee menu as well?

They don’t just have an average coffee, rather it is one of the finest ones you’ll experience from any fast-food chain.

Sonic has a diversified coffee menu. In addition to the traditional varieties like hot espresso, they have some very delightful and flavorful specialties.

They serve the finest range of cold coffee, coffee shakes, and Java Chillers. In all their coffee beverages, Sonic uses 100% Arabica coffee beans by Green Mountain.

Besides, their fast-food menu is among the most scrumptious ones. How about coupling their stellar range of sandwiches with a steaming cup of joe for breakfast?

They have a range of other snacks and breakfast menus as well including, but not limited to, cheese coneys, burritos, a variety of hot dogs, and sandwiches, etc.

They serve coffee all day long with their menu from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. So, you can grab a cup at any time of the day.

Sonic Coffee Menu With Prices
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Is There Coffee in Sonic Drive in?

Although coffee is surely not the first thing that comes to mind when someone says Sonic, there is a range of coffee on their menu.

And that’s not just any coffee. Rather they have some unique signature varieties that set them apart from others.

Their coffee is as peculiar to Sonic as is their fast-food menu. Their Java chillers are unmatched by any other coffee even from dedicated coffee chains.

Here are the four types of coffee drinks they offer in their menu:

  • Hot coffees
  • Cold coffees
  • Coffee shakes
  • Java Chillers

These are further customizable and you can add syrups of your choice.

Sonic Coffee Menu

Sonic’s coffee menu is one of a kind. They have a pretty decent range of coffee varieties which are not just limited to the traditional ones.

They use 100% Arabica Coffee beans as their coffee base for all caffeinated beverages. This coffee has a robust nutty taste with tones of caramel.

It goes well with a variety of sweeteners. Here is a brief description of the different types of coffee offered by Sonic:

Coffee Menu ItemDescription
Hot CoffeeClassic, hot brewed coffee in different sizes with an option to add sugar and cream.
Hot LatteMade with hot milk, espresso, and foamed milk. Available in three flavors: mocha, hazelnut, and caramel.
Iced CoffeeThese are rich yet flavorful and creamier varieties of iced coffee available in MochaHazelnutFrench VanillaCaramel
Coffee shakesAvailable in two varieties; Original espresso shake: Made with two shots of espresso and French vanilla ice cream.Oreo Espresso Shake: Crushed Oreo cookies combined with espresso
Java ChillersThese are rich yet flavorful and creamier varieties of iced coffee available in: MochaHazelnutFrench VanillaCaramel

[N.B] Price-sensitive information of certain coffee items is subject to availability. However, you may contact your nearest Starbucks store to know more.

Topping Selection: (+$0.60/Topping) Caramel, Chocolate Syrup

Coffee TypeSizePrice
Iced Coffee  
French Vanilla Cold BrewSmall$3.04
Original Cold BrewSmall$3.04
Green Mountain Coffee Roasters® Coffee $2.31

Does Sonic Serve Iced Coffee?

Yes, they have a decent range of flavorful iced coffee. It is made with cold brewed coffee from Arabica coffee beans which is collected from Green Mountain.

It can then be customized depending on your taste. They offer it in different flavors including Caramel, French Vanilla, and Mocha.

You can even go for a combination of two flavors. For example, their Vanilla Caramel iced coffee is one of the popular versions of iced coffee.

How Big is Sonic Coffee?

Sonic serves different coffee varieties in varying sizes. It has small-sized cups with a capacity of 14oz, medium-sized cups with a 20oz capacity, and large-sized cups with a 32 oz capacity.

Moreover, the colder coffee varieties are also served in an even larger size called Route 44. It has a whopping capacity of 44 oz.

However, some sizes and some coffee varieties may not be available in every location or all day long. So, it is recommended to confirm the availability of sizes from their app before heading to your nearby drive-in location.

To find Sonic Drive-in locations you may follow different approaches. You may search on their website through city or zip code.

On the other, their mobile app can be very handy for getting results for location-based searches. There is also the option to order through third-party food delivery services to order from Sonic.

What Kind of Coffee Does Sonic Use?

Sonic uses 100% Arabica coffee beans as their coffee base for all coffee varieties. It is supplied by the Green Mountain coffee company. It gives a robust and rich flavor but with tones of chocolaty sweet flavor.

This smooth amalgamation of nutty and chocolaty flavor is enjoyable on its own. However, it goes perfectly well with a range of other flavorful additions as well. For example, French vanilla, caramel, hazelnut, and mocha.

What is Sonic’s Largest Cup?

Sonic has a variety of cup sizes for its beverages. Most of the hot beverages are available in three sizes:

  • Small (14 oz)
  • Medium (20 oz)
  • Large (32 oz)

However, colder beverages like cold coffee are also available in an even bigger cup. The Route 44 cup size with an insanely huge volume of 44 oz is specific to Sonic only. It is dedicated to cold and frozen beverages.


Is The Coffee At Sonic Good?

Sonic has some highly flavorful signature varieties unmatched by any other coffee chain or fast-food chain. Their coffee is as good as their fast-food menu.

Does Sonic Have a Coffee Shake?

Yes, they serve two varieties of coffee shakes; Oreo Espresso Shake, and Original Espresso Shake.

What Drink Is Sonic Famous For?

Sonic is popular for its Java chillers which are rich like a traditional coffee but with an amalgamation of flavors like French vanilla, mocha, hazelnut, and caramel.

What Are Sonics Shakes Called?

Sonic calls them ‘Hand-Mixed-Classic Shakes’.

Where is The Biggest Sonic?

The Varsity is the biggest Sonic drive-in in the world located in downtown Atlanta.

Final Thoughts

If you are craving a quick coffee to kick start your day or need some refreshment for yourself with a cup of espresso shake, Sonic Drive-in has what you need.

You just need to head out to your nearest store to treat yourself or order your favorite item to enjoy at home. So go ahead and try out their coffee flavors.

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