Safeway Coffee Options Available For Coffee Lovers

If you like to explore high-quality coffee options, the Safeway Coffee Menu is the source you might need. Safeway has an abundance of coffee from top brands on the market.

On its official site, you’ll find all types of coffees you wish to taste, from pods to whole beans and cold options.

Whether you prefer dark, medium, or light roast, Safeway has it all. You’ll also find French roast and Italian roast. Are you into Espresso, Americano, and Cappuccino?

Or do you prefer spicy and nutty flavors such as hazelnut, Peppermint, and Vanilla? You’ll find all types and can get whatever you want.

The cost of the coffee at Safeway varies and depends on brand, size, type, and flavor. So, you’ll find 8-ounce packs as well as 40-ounce packs.

Safeway ships coffee to many locations, and if there are nearby stores, you can also pick up options according to preference and convenience.

Safeway Coffee Menu
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Can I Buy Nespresso Pods At Safeway?

Safeway has many different brands of coffee pods. However, Nespresso Pods aren’t available at the moment.

However, several brands make Nespresso-compatible pods, and many of them are available at Safeway. If you can’t find the original, those will also work great.

Safeway Coffee Menu

Safeway is a massive supermarket where you can shop for all essential supplies, including food and beverages.

It’s a one-stop center for coffee lovers because you can find all types of coffee from multiple brands. The packs also come in various sizes, including 8, 10, 12, 15, 18, 20, 30, 40 ounces, and above.

Currently, there are around 235 ground coffee products available. They come in different sizes, prices, and brands.

You’ll find light roast, medium roast, dark roast, French roast Italian roast, and decaf. Some of these are flavored while others are not.

The pricing varies and several factors determine it. The cost depends on brand, type, flavor, and size.

So, some products are expensive while others are affordable. Some examples of ground coffee at Safeway include

  • Signature Select Medium Roasted
  • Peet’s Coffee Italian Roast Dark roast
  • Starbucks Sumatra Dark Roast
  • Don Francisco Medium Roast Toffee Butterscotch
  • Folgers French Roast
  • Dunkin Donuts Pumpkin Spice
  • Maxwell House Medium Roast

If you’re fond of exploring brands, you can buy small packs from several brands, taste each, and decide which you prefer. Here are some types of coffee and brands available at Safeway.

Coffee TypesAvailable Brands
GroundPeet’s Coffee
Whole BeansSignature Select
Iced & NitroO Organics
Instant Coffee & MixDon Francisco’s
Cold BrewFolgers

Besides these brands, there are several others, but they don’t have many products, so we listed only those that have a high number of items at Safeway.

Coffee Ground Menu

ItemsSize (Oz)Price/each
Peet’s Coffee Single Origin Ground Coffee Bag
Sumatra Dark Roast10.5$8.99
French Roast Dark Roast 18$17.99
Colombia Dark Roast10.5$8.99
Brazil Medium Roast10.5$8.99
Major Dickasons Blend Dark Roast18$17.99
Big Bang Medium Roast10.5$8.99
Peet’s Ground Coffee
Holiday Blend Dark Roast10$8.99
Signature SELECT Coffee Ground
Family Size40$15.99
Medium Roast Original Blend30.5$9.99
Medium Roast24.2$9.99
Medium Dark Roast French Roast24.2$9.99
Light Roast Peppermint Mocha12$7.99
Maple Pecan12$7.99
Light Roast Buttery Caramel12$7.99
Medium Dark Roast Classic Roast Decaffeinated11.3$5.99
Starbucks No Artificial Flavors 100% Arabica Flavored Ground Coffee Bag
Starbucks 100% Arabica Ground Coffee Bag
French Roast Dark Roast12$8.99
Breakfast Blend Medium Roast12$8.99
Pike Place Roast Medium Roast12$8.99
House Blend Medium Roast12$8.99
Sumatra Dark Roast18$14.99
Naturally Flavored Salted Caramel Mocha11$8.99
Espresso Roast Dark Roast12$8.99
Don Franciscos Coffee All Purpose Grind 
Medium Roast Hawaiian Blend12$6.49
Dark Roast French Roast12$6.49
Medium Roast Cinnamon Hazelnut12$6.49
Medium Roast Hawaiian Hazelnut12$6.49
Medium Roast Vanilla Nut12$6.49
Medium Roast Butterscotch Toffee12$6.49
Don Franciscos Coffee Family Reserve Coffee Ground
Medium Roast Hazelnut Cream12$8.49
Medium Roast Vanilla Nut12$8.49
Kona Blend Medium Roast10$8.49
Don Franciscos Coffee Coffee Organic Ground 
Medium Roast Mayan Blend12$8.49
O Organics Coffee Ground
Dark Roast French Roast10$9.99
Italian Roast10$9.99
French Roast26$13.99
Arabica Medium Roast Nicaragua10$9.99
Arabica Medium Roast Colombia10$9.99
Sun Kissed Blonde10$9.99
French Roast Decaf16$9.99
Dark Roast French Roast Decaf10$9.99
Dark Roast Peruvian Chanchamayo10$9.99
Dunkin Donuts Coffee Ground 
Medium Roast Original Blend12$7.49
Holiday Blend11$11.99
French Vanilla12$7.49
Medium Roast Decaffeinated Dunkin Decaf12$7.49
Pumpkin Spice Flavored11$10.99
Original Roast18$11.99
Hazelnut Flavored12$7.49
Original Coffee Canister30$19.99

Coffee Pods Menu

ItemsSize (Oz./ Ct.)Price/each
Signature SELECT Coffee Pods
Arabica Medium Roast Kona Blend80-0.42$29.99
Dark Roast Italian Roast (Single Serve)80-0.42$29.99
Arabica Dark Roast French Roast (Single Serve)80-0.42$29.99
Caffe Venezia80 $29.99
Breakfast Blend80 $29.99
Signature SELECT Coffee Pods Shop Collection
Arabica Medium Roast 80-0.42$29.99
Arabica Cups Medium Roast (Single Serve)12 $6.99
Signature SELECT Coffee (Single Serve)
Cups 36 ct.14.6$15.99
Cappuccino Drink Mix Cup Salted Caramel $
Starbucks 100% Arabica K Cup Coffee Pods Box 
Naturally Flavored Peppermint Mocha10 $8.99
Salted Caramel Mocha Flavored10 $13.99
House Blend Medium Roast10 $8.99
Italian Roast Dark Roast10 $8.99
Fall Blend Medium Roast10 $8.99
Naturally Flavored Creme Brulee10 $8.99
Veranda Blend Blonde Roast10 $8.99
44 $33.99
Major Dickasons Blend Dark Roast32 $24.99
Starbucks by Nespresso Original Line Capsules Box
Pike Place Roast10 $8.99
Sumatra10 $8.99
Peet’s Coffee Big Bang K Cup Pods
Medium Roast48 $36.99
Luminosa Breakfast Blend Light Roast10 $12.99
Holiday Blend Dark Roast10 $7.99
Peppermint Mocha Light Roast10 $7.99
Cafe Domingo Medium Roast10$12.99
French Roast Dark Roast10$12.99
The Original Donut Shop Regular Coffee Keurig Single Serve K Cup Pods
Medium Roast12$6.99
One Step Red Velvet Latte10$12.49
Iced Duos Cookies Caramel12$6.99
Decaf Medium Roast12$6.99
O Organics Organic Coffee Single Serve Cups 
Dark Roast French Roast Decaf12-0.38$7.99
Variety Pack36-0.39$16.99
Arabica Dark Roast French Roast12-0.38$7.99
Dark Roast French Roast72-0.39$29.99
Ground Colombia Medium Roast72$29.99
O Organic Coffee Pod
French Roast36$16.99
Italian Roast Family Pack72$29.99
Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Single Serve Keurig K Cup Pods
Hazelnut Light Roast 12$6.99
Nantucket Blend Medium Roast 32$21.99
French Vanilla Light Roast12$6.99
Iced Vanilla Caramel Flavored12$6.99
Dark Magic Dark Roast32$21.99
Breakfast Blend Light Roast12$6.99
Caramel Vanilla Cream Light Roast12$6.99
Holiday Blend12$12.49
Dark Chocolate Hazelnut12$12.49
Seasonal Selections Pumpkin Spice12$6.99
McCafe Coffee Single Serve Keurig K Cup Pods
Premium Roast Medium12$6.99
Iced One Step Hazelnut Latte10$6.99
Iced One Step Mocha Frappe10$6.99
Toffee Almond12$9.99
Don Franciscos Coffee Family Reserve Coffee Single Serve 
Dark Roast French Roast12-0.33$5.99
Medium Roast Kona Blend36-0.37$15.99
Medium Roast Blueberry12-0.33$5.99
Medium Roast Vanilla Nut36-0.37$15.99
Medium Hawaiian Hazelnut12-0.33$5.99
Medium Cinnamon Hazelnut12-0.33$5.99

Iced & Nitro Coffee

ItemsSize (Fl. Oz.)Price/each
Starbucks Frappuccino Coffee Drink Chilled
Vanilla4-9.5 $8.49
13.7 $3.99
Coffee4-9.5 $8.49
13.7 $3.99
Caramel13.7 $3.99
4-9.5 $8.49
Mocha4-9.5 $8.49
13.7 $3.99
White Chocolate Mocha13.7 $3.99
Toasted White Chocolate13.7 $3.99
Peppermint Mocha Glass Nr Bottle13.7$4.43
Starbucks Cold & Crafted Premium Coffee Drink 
Coffee Splash Of Milk & Mocha11$4.60
Starbucks Double Shot Espresso 
Beverage Espresso & Cream Light6.5$3.06
Beverage & Cream Light4-6.5$8.75
Beverage Espresso & Cream6.5$3.06
Beverage & Cream4-6.5$8.75
Starbucks Cold Brew Coffee Drink
Premium Vanilla Sweet Cream Flavored11$4.60
Black Unsweetened11$4.49
Starbucks Iced Espresso
Black Unsweet40$7.39
Caramel Macchiato14$3.93
Peppermint Mocha14$3.93
Vanilla Latte14$3.93
Starbucks Tripleshot Energy Drink Coffee 
Beverage Extra Strength Caramel15$4.14
Zero Sugar Chocolate 1/12 – 15$3.99
Zero Sugar Vanilla Black15$3.99
Beverage Extra Strength French Vanilla15$4.14
Starbucks Doubleshot Energy Coffee
Beverage Mocha4-11$8.93
Starbucks Frappuccino
White Chocolate Mocha8-6.5$15.97
Starbucks Nitro Cold Brew
International Delight Iced Coffee
Caramel Macchiato64$4.63
Snapple Tea Bottle
Prickly Pear & Peach White15.9$2.16
Zero Sugar Peach16$2.00
High Brew Coffee
Coffee + Protein Cappuccino Creamy8$3.07
Cold-Brew Mexican Vanilla8$3.07
Cold-Brew Black & Bold8$3.07
Nitro Cold Brew Sweet Cream10$4.59
Cold-Brew Double Espresso8$3.07
Cold-Brew Dark Chocolate Mocha8$3.07
Nitro Cold Brew10$4.59
Rise Brewing Co Coffee 
Cold Brew Van7$4.07
Oat Milk Latte Earl Grey7$4.07
Nitro Cold Brew Original Black Can7$4.07
Nitro Cold Brew Salted Caramel7$3.99
Nitro Cold Brew Latte7$4.07
Black Rifle Coffee Company Espresso
With Cream11$4.10
Carmel Vanilla15$3.50
With Mocha11$4.10
Monster Energy Java 300 Triple Shot Energy + Coffee
Mocha 15$3.64
Nitro Cold Brew Latte13.5$3.63
French Vanilla 15$3.64
Nitro Cold Brew Sweet Black13.5$3.63
Peet’s Blended Iced Coffee in Glass Bottle
Coffee and Cream13.7$3.13
Chocolate Truffle13.7$3.13
Vanilla Cream13.7$3.13
Carmel Dulce13.7$3.13
Dunkin Donuts Iced Coffee Beverage Bottle
French Vanilla13.7$3.14

Coffee Whole Bean Menu

ItemsSize (Oz)Price/each
Intelligentsia Direct Trade Whole Bean Coffee Bag
Black Cat Classic Espresso Medium Roast12$10.99
El Gallo Organic Medium Roast11$10.99
El Diablo Dark Roast 12$10.99
House Blend Light Roast 12$10.99
Frequency Blend Medium Roast12$10.99
San Francisco Bay Coffee Gourmet 
Whole Bean Fogchaser2 lb.$15.99
French Roast32$15.99
Signature SELECT Coffee Whole Bean 
Dark Roast Sumatra32$18.99
Medium Roast Kona Blend11$7.99
Arabica Medium Roast Colombia32$18.99
Breakfast Blend Light Roast32$18.99
Dark Roast French Roast32$18.99
Arabica Medium Roast House Blend32$18.99
Dark Roast Italian Roast32$18.99
Arabica Ground Light Roast French Vanilla10$7.99
Starbucks 100% Arabica Whole Bean Coffee Bag
French Roast Dark Roast18$14.99
Caffe Verona12$8.99
Espresso Roast Dark Roast18$14.99
Veranda Blend Blonde Roast12$8.99
Stumptown Whole Bean Coffee Bag
Hair Bender Medium Roast12$15.99
Coffee Roasters Holler Mountain Organic18$19.99
Holler Mountain Organic12$15.99
Homestead Blend Medium Roast12$15.99
Founders Blend Organic Dark Roast12$15.99
French Roast Medium Roast12$15.99
Blue Bottle Organic Whole Bean Coffee Bag
Balanced Medium Roast12$15.99
Bold Dark Roast12$15.99
Bright Light Roast12$15.99
Peet’s Coffee Whole Bean Coffee Bag
Major Dickasons Blend Dark Roast18$17.99
Holiday Blend Dark Roast10$8.99
Big Bang Medium Roast18$17.99
French Dark Roast10.5$8.99
House Blend Dark Roast10.5$8.99
French Roast Dark Roast18$17.99
Organic French Roast Dark Roast18$17.99
Organic Yosemite Dos Sierras Dark Roast Ground10.5$13.99
O Organics Coffee Whole Bean
Dark Roast French Roast26$13.99
Breakfast Blend26$13.99
Dark Roast Peruvian Chanchamayo26$13.99
Organic Arabica Dark Roast Peruvian Chanchamayo10$9.99
Dark Roast French Roast10$9.99

Instant Coffee & Mix

ItemsSize (Oz)Price/each
Signature Select Coffee Instant
Crystals Original8$6.49
Cafe Casero Dark Roast7$4.99
Crystals Decaffeinated8$7.49
NESCAFE Tasters Choice Coffee Instant
French Roast Jar7$10.99
House Blend Jar7$10.99
House Blend Light Medium Roast In Box6-0.1$1.99
House Blend Decaf Jar7$11.99
Colombian Medium Jar7$11.99
NESCAFE Classico Coffee Instant
Dark Roast3.5$5.49
Decaf Dark Roast7$7.99
Cafe de Olla Bottle6.7$7.99
Nescafe Clasico Origin
Colombia Jar6$7.99
Starbucks VIA Instant 100% Arabica Coffee Packets Box 
Colombia Medium Roast8 ct.$9.99
French Roast 8 ct.$9.99
Pike Place Roast Medium 8 ct.$9.99
Holiday Blend Medium Roast K Cup 32 ct.$20.99
Dark Roast Italian Roast 8-0.11 oz.$9.99
Starbucks Premium Instant CoffeeMedium/ Blonde/ Dark3.175$8.99
Hills Brothers. Cappuccino Drink Mix
Flavor: English Toffee/ French Vanilla/ Double Mocha16$4.99
Maxwell House International Instant Cafe Style Coffee Beverage Mix Canister
French Vanilla 8.4$4.49
Vienna 9$4.49
Caf Francais 7.6$4.49

Coffee Creamers

ItemsSize (Oz)Price/each
Signature SELECT Coffee Creamer
Lactose Free Original35.3$5.49
16 $3.39
Signature SELECT Coffee 
Enhancer Sugar FreeFlavor: Caramel/ French Vanilla/ Hazelnut1.62 $3.49
Coffee Mate Coffee Creamer
Original Powdered35.5$7.99
Nestle Original Powdered16$4.99
Original Fat Free Powdered16$4.99
Nestle French Vanilla Liquid9 fl. $5.49
Hazelnut Powder15$6.49
Original Fat-Free Powdered10.2$6.49
Land O Lakes Half & Half Singles
Mini Moos Creamers24 ct.$4.49
Nut Oods Creamer 
Dairy-Free UnsweetenedFlavor: French Vanilla/ Original/ Hazelnut11.2 fl.$3.99
Peppermint Mocha11.2 fl.$2.99
International Delight Coffee Creamer
Grinch Gingerbread Cookie Dough32 fl.$3.50
French Vanilla Singles24 ct.$4.49
Califia Farms
Barista Blend Oat Milk32 fl.$3.50

Safeway Iced Coffee

Safeway also has a reasonable number of Iced coffees from various brands. If you love chilled coffee flavors, you can choose from at least ninety-six kinds.

Starbucks, Dunkin, Nescafe, Snapple, High Brew Coffee, Rising Brewing Co., and Peet’s Coffee are popular choices. The cost differs from one company to another and also from size to size.

Which Countries Have Safeway?

Safeway stores are available in several countries besides the USA. They include Canada, the UK, West Germany, Mexico, Australia, Kuwait, Jordan and Saudi Arabia.

The brand disappeared for a while in the UK as another company bought it, but it’s been revived in recent years.

Does Safeway Have Low Acid Coffee?

Yes, Safeway sells several brands of coffee, and there are multiple choices for low-acid coffee.

Starbucks, Peet’s, Signature Select, Nescafe, O Organics, and Don Francisco’s are some popular brands available at Safeway.

They all have low-acid coffee varieties, so you can choose your favorite or go by popularity.

Safeway Coffee
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Can You Grind Coffee At Safeway?

Safeway has several coffee grinding centers in many locations. So, yes, you can grind your coffee at any place where there’s a grinding service available.

If you intend to grind coffee, find the information from your local Safeway store in advance to avoid disappointment.

Coffee Flavors At Safeway
Pumpkin Spice

You can find these flavors in various roast types and select varieties according to preference.

Delivery Methods

You can shop online or at a local Safeway store.

In StoreAvailable
Drive ThruNo
Home DeliveryAvailable
Curbside PickupAvailable

Important Links of Safeway

Official Website
Order Online
Store Location
Sign Up
Gift Cards
Contact Number1 (877) 258-2799

Find Safeway on Social Media


Frequently Asked Questions

Does Safeway Have Coffee?

Safeway has many coffee products from brands such as Signature Select, Nescafe, Peet’s, and Starbucks.

What Kind of Coffee Does Safeway Sell?

Safeway sells all kinds of coffee, including whole beans, ground coffee, pods, cold brew, iced coffee, cheap, expensive, and more.

Who Makes The Cheapest Coffee?

Dunkin Donuts, Café Bustelo, Folgers, and Maxwell House are some brands that make cheap but great coffee.

What is a High End Coffee?

High-end coffee is the highest-grade coffee and is also called specialty coffee or gourmet coffee.
Maxwell House, Lavazza, Peet’s Coffee, and Intelligentsia are some Safeway brands selling high-end coffee.

Is Safeway American Or Canadian?

Safeway is an American brand, but there are many stores in Canada as well.

Who Owns Safeway Supermarket?

Albertsons Safeway LLC and Cerberus Capital Management are the current owners of Safeway Supermarket.

Final Thoughts

Safeway has all types of coffee from numerous brands. Hence, it’s an excellent place for all those coffee lovers looking for more coffee options.

Visit the site today, browse, and sign up to order your favorite coffee variety.

New products arrive regularly, so log in whenever you want to taste Safeway iced coffee or hot coffee.

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