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Panera Bread Coffee Menu Prices 2024

Are you looking for new and delicious coffee options? If you are, you might like to know about the Panera Bread coffee menu. It provides several flavors, and you can choose from a number of cup sizes. 

Panera Bread has been providing flavorful food and beverages for more than thirty-six years to customers across America and Canada. 

The brand was established as a single entity in 1987 and called St. Louis Bread Company. Today, it has more than 2000 outlets in the US and Canada. 

Coffee, tea, bread, bagels, and pastries are some popular items that the company makes and sells. The brand believes in serving tasty and healthy food. So, you’ll get only freshly made items when you order from the company.

Still known as Saint Louis Bread Company in the Greater St. Louis area even today, Panera Bread has something delicious for everyone.

What Kind of Coffee Does Panera Sell?

What Kind of Coffee Does Panera Sell?

Panera Bread sells different varieties of coffee. They’re all made from 100% Arabica Beans grown in Central and South America.

Each bean is hand-picked and sorted before undergoing the necessary process.

If you’re someone who likes to explore different options, the Panera Bread coffee menu may fulfill your needs. 

Some popular coffee types on the Panera Bread coffee menu include espresso, drip hot coffee (in different flavors), caffe latte, caramel latte, Madagascar vanilla latte, and cappuccino. 

Each type of drink often receives positive feedback from customers, and there is always a high demand for them.

All Panera outlets have these items and you can ask for your favorite kind whenever you crave fresh and tasty coffee.

Panera Coffee Menu

Coffee acts as a stimulant since it contains caffeine. It makes you alert and active. It’s, therefore, a preferred morning beverage for many people. But sometimes it can be boring to drink the same blend or brand.

Panera Bread Coffee Menu offers a variety of options. The drinks come in two or three sizes. So, whether you prefer a tiny amount or a huge cup, you can select according to preference and need. 

The charges begin from $2.00 to $5.19, depending on the variety and size of the cup. The bakery/cafe generally offers the beverages in three sizes, namely 12oz, 16oz, and 20oz.

Here is an example of the Panera Bread coffee menu available in most places. 

Panera Latte Menu

Hot Latte
Cinnamon CrunchRegular270$6.59
Hazelnut Coffee ToteRegular140$29.69
Hot ChocolateRegular430$5.69
Madagascar VanillaRegular260$6.59
Iced Latte   
Madagascar VanillaRegular290$6.59
Chai TeaRegular290$6.59
Cinnamon CrunchRegular300$6.59

Panera Cold Brew & Cold Coffee

Cold Brew
Madagascar Vanilla AlmondRegular90$5.29
Cold BrewRegular10$5.49
Madagascar Vanilla CreamRegular190$5.29
Blend Dark Roast Coffee   
Iced CafeRegular10$4.29

Panera Teas Menu

Hot Tea
ToteRegular $29.69
Hot TeaRegular $3.89
Green Tea
Passion Papaya IcedRegular140$3.89
Bottled Passion Fruit PapayaRegular130$4.69
Brisk RaspberryRegular120$3.89
Iced UnsweetRegular10$3.89

Panera Drinks Menu

Soft Drinks
Mango Yuzu Citrus Charged LemonadeRegular350$5.19
Pepsi Can12 fl. oz.150$2.79
Strawberry Lemon Mint Charged LemonadeRegular280$5.19
Dr. PepperRegular240$3.89
Diet Pepsi Can12 fl. oz.0$2.79
Agave LemonadeLarge300$4.49
Diet PepsiRegular0$3.89
Bubly LimeRegular0$3.89
Mountain DewRegular280$3.89
Blood Orange Charged Splash – Zero Sugar!Regular25$5.19
Organic AppleRegular90$2.99
Others Drink   
Horizon Reduced Fat Organic White MilkRegular110$2.99
Bottled WaterRegular0$3.69

Besides these, the menu also has drinks that do not contain coffee like Signature Hot Chocolate and Chai Tea Latte which cost around $3.99 and $5.19, respectively.

It’s important to note that the prices are subject to change. Some places may also charge more or less depending on a number of factors.

Is Panera Coffee Fresh?

Yes, Panera coffee is fresh, and the company grinds it fresh for each cup that a customer orders. So, every sip of Panera coffee you take comes from freshly ground coffee beans.

Panera coffee comes from Central and South America. The farmers and everyone working with the coffee go through everything from harvesting to packaging meticulously. The final result is top-quality coffee beans in each bag.

The farmers check the beans continuously and only pick the fruits when they’re in their best condition. The fruits then enter the mill, where the experts extract the beans.

The following process is the longest and most exhausting. The workers sort out each bean and separate the best from low-quality beans. Next, the coffee beans go to the roaster, and there they undergo a light, medium, or dark roasting process.

Panera Bread doesn’t use any artificial preservatives in their products. They also try to use sustainable techniques, from growing to packing the coffee beans.

The company conducted an evaluation called “materiality assessment.” As per the findings, Panera started a program to fulfill its sustainability aims. The entire details are available on their 2021 Responsibility Report.

Does Panera Coffee Taste Good?

If reviews are to be believed, Panera coffee tastes great. Since they have a number of items on their menu, customers have several choices. You can opt for classic drip hot coffee or a more robust drink like espresso.

If you desire a sweet and creamy drink, you can always add milk, caramel, or whipped cream. These add-ins offer a different taste that can satisfy your cravings. 

The café/bakery makes the beverages with the brand’s signature coffee varieties like “Dark Roast,” “Light Roast,” “Colombian Medium Roast,” “Hazelnut Crème Coffee,” “Caramel Coffee,” and “Madagascar Vanilla Coffee.”

Do They Have Iced Coffee at Panera Bread?

Apart from the hot drinks, Panera Bread’s coffee menu also features cold coffee items. Everyone likes to drink something different, so the cold brew section is a bonus.

Some popular cold coffee options include Iced Coffee, Cold Brew, Madagascar Vanilla Cream, and Madagascar Vanilla Almond.

The cold beverages prices differ from one to the other according to flavor and size of cups. They range between $3.59 to $5.00.

A cup of iced coffee can be quite refreshing on a hot day. But you can have it even in winter if you want.

Do Panera Members Get Free Coffee?

Panera believes in providing the best of everything to its customers. They know how much people love coffee, so they introduce coffee subscription programs from time to time.

The Unlimited Sip Club subscription is one such program open for registered customers. It was introduced in April 2022 and is still going strong.

For just $11.99 per month, you can get free Panera drinks of your choice, but only those that come under the scheme.

The drinks include drip hot coffee (Hazelnut, Decaf, Light, and Dark Roast), hot tea, iced coffee (Colombian Dark Roast), and some fruit-flavored drinks.

Customized beverages and other items aren’t available with the subscription.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Panera Have Caramel Coffee?

Yes, Panera has caramel coffee.

Can You Refill Coffee in Panera?

If you’re a member of the Unlimited Sip Club, you can refill your coffee. But the drink must be an item under the subscription.

Is Panera Bread Coffee Self Serve?

Yes, it’s all part of the Unlimited Sip Club subscription.

How Much Caffeine is in Panera Regular Coffee?

It varies from one type to another. So one variety has 145mg while another has 189-190mg.

How Many People Does a Panera Coffee Tote Serve?

A typical Panera coffee tote can serve ten people.

How Successful is Panera Coffee Subscription?

The program is still on, and it seems to be quite successful. Surveys suggest that the number of visits by customers increased by 200% percent. At the same time, the renewal rate of subscription is at 90% to 95%. 

Final Thoughts

Panera Bread Coffee Menu is an excellent option for coffee lovers exploring new flavors. You can select one or the other according to your mood, weather, and preference.

If you can’t stop having coffee, you can get the Unlimited Sip Club subscription and get refills whenever you want caffeine. 

Panera has many delicious items as well. So, enjoy breakfast, lunch, or dinner along with your favorite coffee if you want.

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