What is Mud Coffee & Mud\WTR? Trendy Brew Mud Coffee’s Artistic Evolution

Do you know about the most emerging and trending mud coffee nowadays? Mud coffee, which is basically prepared with fresh ground coffee and water, is the most taste-rich aromatic coffee.

In 2018, Shane Heath founded this coffee as a healthier substitute for regular coffee. After going through poor mental health and depression, he finally invented the best alternative to regular coffee. According to him, this coffee is the safest for all without causing any emotional disturbances, anxiety, stomach, and intestinal issues.

The coffee substitute, mud water coffee, is now becoming more popular among people for not only its health benefits but also for its taste. It is not only pleasant in taste but also lighter on the stomach.

In addition, its single serving gives you tons of energy to carry out your everyday roles and duties efficiently. Moreover, it also supports good mental health and emotional well-being.

Moreover, it is not only for a specific group of people but anyone with vegan/gluten-free preferences can equally enjoy it. You must keep in mind that this coffee is a bit more costly than the regular coffee types.

However, you can save your money by preparing it at home with the simplest step-by-step guide. Before you learn how to make it at home, let’s first learn more about what it actually is.

What is Mud Coffee?

Mud coffee is one of the healthiest and most naturally flavored coffee that is prepared with hot water and ground coffee. It doesn’t contain any bulk of other ingredients and high-fat content such as frothing cream or so.

Its flavor is more natural and gives the real taste and aroma of coffee beans. The original turkey mud coffee is prepared with ground coffee and water in a teapot on hot mud/sand.

However, you may also prepare it at home with simple DIY steps or enjoy it at your favorite coffee shop. The price of mud coffee is a bit higher than that of a normal coffee.

What is Mud Coffee?

What is Mud Water Coffee?

Mud Water Coffee is a mixture of water and mud-mix with the mildest cocoa concentration. Unlike mud coffee which contains a strong flavor and higher caffeine, there is only 1/7th of caffeine in this one. In simpler words, it is known as the best alternative to regular strong coffee types.

Mud Water coffee doesn’t taste exactly like a coffee but it is more like a hot chocolate and tea combo. The mud mix is the key ingredient for mud water coffee that you can either buy from the market or prepare yourself. You may also enjoy the most delicious and healthiest Mud Water Coffee at your nearby coffee shop.

Coffee Vs Mud Coffee

Here are the following key similarities between normal coffee vs mud coffee.

CoffeeMud Coffee
Contains up to 90-100mg of caffeine in one cupContains 35mg of caffeine in one cup or some say that it’s only 1/7th ratio of caffeine than that of the regular cup.
It has a stronger coffee flavor and aroma.It has a milder coffee flavor and aroma
Boost your energy level with other health benefits.It also boosts your energy level with other health benefits.
A strong effect on the stomach on excessive intake.It is gentler on the stomach even after greater intake.
Normal coffee tastes like an original coffee.Mud coffee tastes more like a hot chocolate/tea hybrid.
You can take up to 4-5 servings of normal coffee each day.You can take up to 9-11 servings of mud coffee each day
Normal coffee costs less. For example, you can get normal coffee in the range of approximately $4-$6.Mud coffee is relatively costly. For example, you can get mud coffee for about $7.25.
Coffee Vs Mud Coffee

How To Make Mud Water Coffee at Home?

Preparing mud water coffee is not only the simplest thing but you would also enjoy making it. Let’s follow these easiest steps to prepare the world’s best mud water coffee for you!

Step 1: Prepare the Mud Mix

The first step is to prepare the mud mix that you will use to make your mud water coffee later. Without having the mud mix, you can’t prepare the mud water coffee. Fortunately, there are many good mud mix powders available in the market in bulk quantities. You can buy and use them to make your daily mud water coffee.

However, you can also prepare the mud mix at home by mixing the following ingredients:

  • Cocoa powder 1 cup
  • Tea powder half cup
  • Mushroom powder 1/8th cup
  • Cinnamon powder ¼ cup
  • Turmeric powder ¼ cup
  • Sea salt ½ teaspoon (optional)

Mix all of these ingredients and store them in an air-tight jar.

Step 2: Ingredients for preparing mud water

Now, use the following ingredients to make mud water coffee.

  • Mud mix 1 tbsp.
  • Boiling water 1 cup
  • Coconut milk creamer (optional)
  • Salt to taste

Step 3: Method for preparing mud water coffee

Now, prepare your mud water coffee with the following method.

  1. Mix mud mix with hot water in a teapot or mug.
  2. Add salt and creamer if you want.
  3. Mix them well using a frother or electric whisk.
  4. Enjoy!

Is Mud Coffee Good For You? Health Benefits

Mud coffee is a much healthier alternative to regular coffee. It is not only milder in caffeine concentration but is also light on the stomach and supports the immune system. Due to this, it causes no digestive issues or intestinal problems in people.

On a low-mood day, mud coffee is the best pick to uplift your mood and cultivate positive feelings. It helps relieve stress and anxiety while leaving a soothing and pleasurable effect on the mind.

Similarly, mud coffee incredibly boosts your energy levels for the day by ending all fatigue and tiredness. Hence, it is the best pick to cherish your every single day in a happy and positive way. 

Does Mud Water Taste Like Coffee?

Although it is called coffee, mud water doesn’t actually taste exactly like coffee. In fact, it tastes more like a hot chocolate and tea mixture/hybrid with a mild coffee flavor.

The reason is that the actual coffee contains a higher concentration of ground coffee beans or cocoa. Due to this, it gives a stronger taste of coffee with a stronger aroma.

In contrast, there is only a small amount of ground coffee or cocoa in the mud water while more other ingredients. Therefore, its taste ultimately reduced and seems more like a tea/hot chocolate compound. However, it doesn’t mean that the taste of mud water is bad but it is also good, mood-boosting, and unique.  

Does Mud Water Taste Like Coffee

Why Did The Coffee Taste Like Mud?

It tastes like mud due to the very fine brewing that makes it like a paste. When this finely ground mud-mix powder combines with the water, it makes a mud-like mixture. In addition, when you add hot water to this mixture to prepare the coffee, it loses some of its aroma.

As a result, the coffee ends up looking and tasting more like mud and not like regular coffee. However, the mud coffee is unique in its own way. Besides its mud-like taste and appearance, it offers a great number of health benefits to the human body and mind.

How Much Does Mudwater Cost?

If you buy mud water coffee from a coffee shop, the price will be relatively higher than regular coffee. An average serving size of a regular coffee cup is available for about $4 to $6 at many coffee shops. However, the price of mud coffee at several shops is about $7.25 such as at Rosebud Coffee Shop or Ohana.

Mud Coffee Substitute

Are you looking for the best substitutes for mud coffee? If so, the table below shares the 5 best substitutes for it that you can add to your daily life. These are not only rich in taste but also offer you lots of health benefits as well. Moreover, these mud water substitutes are enough to uplift your energy levels for the day while cheering up your mood. Let’s have a look at them.

    Mud Coffee Substitutes
MUD\WTR Rise Cacao
Mushroom Boost
Rest Rooibos
Original Rasa Herbal Coffee
Clevr Blends Coffee SuperLatte

Which Coffee Shops Sell Mud Coffee?

Due to a great deal of benefits of mud coffee, many people are switching to it. Therefore, many coffee shops and cafes are now offering mud coffee along with their regular menu.

However, the price of mud coffee is a bit higher as compared to other coffee substitutes and beverages. Here is a list of the following coffee shops from where you can buy mud coffee.

Mud Coffee ShopsLinks
LA NACIONAL CAFÉ, New Yorkhttps://www.lanacional.coffee/
Ohana Food Co, Floridahttps://ohanafoodco.square.site/
Twin Goats Cafe new yorkhttps://twogoatsbrewing.com/
Rosebud Coffee Shophttps://www.rosebudcoffee.com/menu-2
Mudhouse Coffee Cafehttps://mudhouse.com/
Mud Creek Coffee Cafehttp://mudcreekcoffee.com/

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Why is Coffee Called Mud?

It is called mud due to the mud like blend used to prepare it and its mud like appearance.

Who is The Owner of Mud Coffee?

Shane heath is the owner of mud coffee.

Is Mud a Type of Coffee?

It is more like a coffee alternative that is actually more beneficial and healthier for the human mind and body.

What is Mud Coffee Cade of?

The traditional mud coffee is made up of ground coffee beans and hot water. However, mud water coffee contains an additional mud mix for extra flavor and added benefits.

When Was Mud Water Founded?

Mud water was founded in 2018.

Is Mudwater Vegan?

Yes, it is vegan, gluten-free, and contains plant-based creamer.

How To Make Turkish Mud Coffee?

Turkish mud coffee is the most famous and taste-rich coffee. It is prepared by adding ground coffee and water in a teapot over a hot sand. Then, they rotate the teapot slightly over the hot and until the coffee is ready.

Final Thoughts

Mud coffee or mud water coffee is the healthiest substitute for regular coffee. It is not only lighter on the stomach but also resolves intestinal issues while boosting energy levels.

Also, it is safe to consume as it doesn’t cause anxiety, stress, or any other mental health issues. So, let’s give it a try to mud coffee and mesmerize yourself through its unique taste and amazing health benefits.   

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