Top 7 Mud Coffee Shops and Trucks in The USA (Updated 2024)

If you’re a true coffee connoisseur, the ever-popular Mud Coffee Shop might have piqued your interest. What exactly is meant by mud coffee? Mud Coffee consists of multiple unique coffee blends by Mud Coffee Shop that carry the richness of cocoa and the sweetness of cherries.

This New York-based coffee shop, founded by Nina Barrot and Greg Northrop steals its name from Northrop’s grandma who sneakily named her coffee mud.

If this truly fascinates you, there are a couple of mud coffee shops that you could visit to enjoy a cup of mud coffee. While Mudspot, Astor Plate, and Mudpark are all New York-based, there are other locations including Mud Creek Coffee in Wisconsin, Mud House in Missouri, Mud and Char in Illinois, and other places where you could sip on this uniquely strong coffee roast.

One of the best things about Mud Coffee is that the roast is as fresh as it gets. Typically, it will only take 48 hours to roast and deliver the coffee to your table, making it one of the freshest coffees in the market.

As for the menus, the mud coffee ranges from Hippie Mud, and Mudtruck blends to Mud Mojo and Maple Mud. 

Top 7 Mud Coffee Shops

Top 7 Mud Coffee Shops

01. Mud House Coffee

Mud House Coffee, located in Springfield, Missouri is a true hidden gem in the area, carrying some of the best coffee blends ever. You may order their famous Drip coffee or the cold brew iced coffee spanning from 12 oz to 24 oz. the standard prices are a range of 2.45$ – 5$ depending on the cup size.

As for our Expresso fans, you may go with their Mud Turtle with chocolate and real caramel, Mud Skipper with chocolate and hazelnut, and more. But of course, never fear as there’s a variety of common coffees including cappuccino, lattes, and other frozen blends.

12 oz and 16 oz are the two sizes that your coffee comes in. Please expect to pay anywhere between 2.50 – 5$ for a cup of coffee which is a fair bit of money for the excellent-grade coffee you receive.

Their other services include breakfast burritos, breakfast sandwiches, and pastry items.

02. Mud Creek Coffee

This treasure trove in Stockbridge, WI carries one of the best coffee menus ever with your classic coffees (expressos, Americanos, lattes, mochas, etc.), daily brews, and specialty coffees. The specialty coffee is a range of muddy mocha, Irish caramel delight, sea salt caramel mocha, and more.

You could simultaneously go for a frappe freeze or frappe crème with many options to choose from. As for the prices, they dwell between $2 -$7, depending on the size and what topics you wish to add.

This coffee house is your go-to option for a delicious homemade breakfast or a lunch experience with its many coffee alternatives that might come as a pretty surprise for many of its customers.

03. Mud NYC

As the name suggests, this NYC-based coffee shop is where it all began. Currently, they serve over 5+ different blends and roasts of coffee which an absolute fan favorites among the New York locals.

Black Mud, Maple Mud, Mud Trucker, Mud Gold No. 4, Hippie, and Hello Express are just some of their all-time favorites. The prices as understood, could go from $18 for a four-can pack to Gold blends priced at $22. 

Since this is where it all stems from, it’s no surprise that they offer 5LB. whole bean bags and all of that unique and premium quality goodness is only for $90.

04. The Mud House – Coffee and Kitchen

If you’re in St. Louis, this is the place we recommend you visit for a mind-blowing coffee experience. Of course, there are always your classic coffee choices that go from lattes to Americanos and Expressos with multiple in-house syrups to choose from – vanilla, lavender, rosemary, chocolate, etc.

Oat milk horchata is one of their special services alongside non-dairy coffee and excellent breakfast and lunch menus. It might cost as little as $3 or as high as $6 per coffee.

05. Moodus Mud Coffee

If you’re local to Connecticut, Moodus might ring a bell to you. They are noted as one of the prime sellers of mud coffee with an extensive menu.

You could order fresh ground coffee with them in many varieties that go from the infamous mountain mud – 12 oz, Mocha mud, and Ifty Snifty, to Rip Snorter, and Aww-so-good.

What’s special about all these products is that for the price you pay (around 14$ per 12 oz. bag), what you’re getting is unique, delicious, and worth it.  You may even have the option of dark roaster and single-origin samplers.

06. Astor Plate

Located in the Big Apple (NYC), Astor Plate is one of those special places where you can enjoy a fresh mud coffee all on your own. Their menu is a thing of beauty, featuring multiple mud coffee items including mud coffee, mud mocha, and mud maple.

Beyond that, you will see chai, hot apple cider, dirty chai, and hot chocolate as popular hits among the people. If it’s the loose-leaf tea that you fancy, they come in multiple flavors here with peppermint, green bancha, Irish breakfast, Earl Grey, etc. All the aforementioned items carry the price tags between $3 -$4.50.

If expresso is what makes you happy, go for their mud mojo, maple latte, red eye, breve, and many other choices, with prices starting from $2.90.

This place is worth a visit with its artistic interior and mouth-watering food.

07. Mud and Char

This gorgeous coffee shop in Illinois is where you visit to get your daily dose of mud (brewed coffee) and char (tea according to British slang).  For the coffee connoisseurs out there, the drinks come in three sizes: 12, 16, and 20 oz.

The mud variety consists of coffee, iced coffee, Americano, and Argon cold brew. If you’re craving some expressos, it’s best if you go for their classic expresso, con panna, or macchiato, sold in SGL or DBL sizes. The price range is between $2.49 – $3.19. 

Of course, they do serve a couple of specialty coffees three different lattes, and fruit smoothies as per your heart’s wish.  you could even try on their au lait range with milk, or the char (tea) range with all your favorite flavors.

The Mud Truck History

What’s the Big Apple’s infamous Mud Truck? It is considered to be the first ever specialty coffee truck in New York with a dedicated fan base to it. This was opened back in 2000 by the couple Greg Northrop and Nina Berrot, and the name mud comes from his Italian grandma who playfully referred to her coffee as mud.

If you’re wondering about where this mud truck was, well it kept roaming in the streets from one end to the other. ( Astor Place, Sheridan Square, etc. ) 

What drove people mad over this special coffee truck in early 2000 was their uniquely blended and fresh coffee with a soothing smell. After all, for the affordable price tags that they come with, the coffee from Mud Truck was sure worthy of it.

If you’re keen on knowing what this special truck sold as part of their menu, it was lots and lots of coffee. The list goes on with mud, mud mocha, expresso, macchiato, breve, cortado, latte and vanilla latte, americano, red eye, and chai lattes.

They simultaneously served tea for those who wished to try some good tea with different loose-leaf tea options.  Earl Grey, Irish breakfast, Peach fruit blend. Yerba Mate and peppermint are only a few of those choices.

The Mud Truck unfortunately had to close down as they were forced to move away, to make for a city construction project.


Why is The Coffee Called Mud?

The coffee is called mud a nickname partly due to a brewing technique that leaves the coffee grinds in the mug.

What is in Mud Water?

Mud water has powdered mushrooms, cacao, pink salt, some black tea powder, and a blend of spices.

Is Mud a Type of Coffee?

Yes, mud is a coffee brewing technique and therefore mud refers to coffee made in that specific way.

Is Mud Coffee Good For You?

Yes, since it comes with beta-glucans it’s great for your immune system.

How Much Caffeine is in Mud?

There’s typically 35 mg in one serving.

Is Mud Water Organic?

Yes, it’s certified by USDA as organic.

How Much Mud Water Can You Drink a Day?

The maximum is 11 servings within 24 hours.

Is Mud Water For Morning or Night?

Mud water is better when taken in the morning.

The Mud Truck History


Each second, something new is introduced to the world of food and drinks and mud coffee is only one of those innovations.

The Mud coffee shop was initially a truck that eventually closed down, you would still be able to sip on one of their amazing coffees in one of the locations above. Take a step back and enjoy your mud coffee taste the coffee in its purest form.

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