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Is Tim Hortons Open on Thanksgiving 2023?

No, Tim Hortons is not open on Thanksgiving, 2023. Tim Hortons is open on all other National holidays except just two of them i.e. Thanksgiving and Christmas.

According to this popular food chain, they keep their stores closed on these two days to show gratitude and appreciation to their teams.

The restaurant announced that its workers work hard throughout the year without any holidays. So, they deserve these two days off to celebrate with their families just like other people do.

However, the restaurant is open a day before and after Thanksgiving i.e. on 22nd and 24th November.

On these days, you can enjoy buying the regular menu items at Tim Hortons. For example, you can buy their yummiest donuts, bagels, breakfast items, hot and cold beverages, hot and iced coffee, etc.

In addition, it also offers scrumptious baked goods e.g. cookies, muffins, and croissants. Besides, lunch items are also available such as sandwiches, wraps, BLT, Panini, etc.

As Tim Hortons is closed on the main Thanksgiving Day, it has not announced any specific Thanksgiving discounts/coupons so far.

For Details of the Holiday season; Thanksgiving

Tim Hortons Thanksgiving Serving Start And Closing Date

Tim Hortons Thanksgiving Serving Start And Closing Date

All Tim Hortons locations enjoy special reduced hours on the day before Thanksgiving. However, these reduced hours may vary from location to location.

On Thanksgiving Day, all stores are closed and all get open again for regular hours on the day after Thanksgiving.

Day Before ThanksgivingReduced Hours on November 22, 2023Reduced Hours on November 22, 2023
Thanksgiving DayClosed on November 23, 2023Closed on November 23, 2023
Day After ThanksgivingRegular Hours on November 24, 2023Regular Hours on November 24, 2023

Tim Hortons Thanksgiving Menu Items

Tim Horton’s main menu includes a variety of items such as coffee, iced coffee, hot beverages, cold beverages, Donuts and Timbits, etc.

Its menu also includes several tempting breakfast options, a variety of bagels, and baked items e.g. muffins & cookies, etc.

Similarly, there are several highly nutritious and delicious lunch options e.g. Panini, sandwich, wraps, BLT, and Turkey Bacon Club, etc. You can also buy cattle chips, croissants, and Timbits as sides.

For desserts, muffins and cookies are the best picks. You can also get several vegetarian and gluten-free options at Tim Horton’s e.g. its gluten-free beverages and vegetarian sandwiches. 

Popular ItemsPrice
Tim Hortons Original Coffee$2.55
Tim Hortons Dark Roast Coffee$2.55
Tim Hortons Decaf$2.55
Classic Iced Coffee Medium$3.39
Popular ItemsPrice
Chocolate Chunk Cookie$1.49
Pumpkin Spice Muffin$2.19
Chocolate Chip Muffin$2.09
Tim Hortons Thanksgiving Menu Items

Is Tim Hortons Open on Thanksgiving?

If you’re curious to know “Is Tim Hortons Open On Thanksgiving 2023”, the answer is “No”. All of the Tim Hortons locations are closed on Thanksgiving Day as a tribute to their hardworking employees.

It says that its hard-working and passionate employees also have the right to enjoy their holiday with their families. 

However, all of the Tim Hortons locations are open before and after Thanksgiving Day.

A day before Thanksgiving, the store may have special reduced hours. However, it will open and operate on regular hours after Thanksgiving.

So, if you’re particularly looking for a restaurant to get food on Thanksgiving Day, look for similar restaurants that are open.

Tim Hortons Order, Pickup, and Delivery Options

You can use Tim Horton’s drive-thru, online website, and mobile apps to place your order. Besides, you can also visit any nearby Tim Horton’s location to place the order in-store or on the counter.

Choose your nearest store location for pick-up orders and visit its counter to collect your order. You may also pick it up from the Tim Horton’s drive-thru locations.

Delivery is also available at Tim Horton’s which they carry out through third-party delivery providers. You have to pay a delivery fee of $1.99 to get your order delivered to your doorstep.   

Our Recommendations For Tim Hortons Thanksgiving Coffee/Meals

Although Tim Hortons is not open on Thanksgiving Day, you can visit it a day before or after for a special treat.

For this, we recommend you try Tim Hortons Original Coffee with their most scrumptious Chocolate Chip Cookie or Chocolate Chip Muffin.

This freshly brewed tempting coffee with freshly baked muffins/cookies is a perfect match and a must-have for some treats.

Important Links of Tim Hortons

Here are the important links of Tim Hortons for more information.

Order Onlinehttps://www.timhortons.com/menu  
Store Locatorhttps://www.timhortons.com/store-locator  

Similar Restaurants Are Open on Thanksgiving

Besides Time Hortons, you can also visit the following five restaurants on Thanksgiving. The below table also shows what they are serving on Thanksgiving.

Similar RestaurantsOpen/CloseThanksgiving Menu
StarbucksYes, it’s open.All Variety of Coffees, Teas, Beverages, Sweets, Sandwiches, Snacks, etc.
Dunkin DonutsYes, it’s open. Some stores may be closed.Donuts, Bagels, Snacks, Coffee, Espresso, Frozen Drinks, Wraps, Muffins, etc.
McDonald’sYes, it’s open.Breakfast, burgers, sandwiches, McNuggets, fries, sides, beverages, desserts, coffee
KFCMost locations are openFried chicken, Fried Turkey, Hot Wings, Buckets, Burgers, Sides and combos, Beverages, etc.
Dutch BrosMost locations are open but for limited hours.Drinks, cookies, baked items, etc.  

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