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Is McDonald’s Open on Christmas? (December 2023)

If you’re a regular McDonald’s customer, then you must be pondering Is McDonald’s open on Christmas? The good news is, yes, McDonald’s stays open on Christmas.

However, there is also some bad news: not all locations will be open on Dec 25. Besides, timings also vary from one location to the other during holidays.

The McDonald’s stores may have shortened business hours on Christmas. So, before going to any outlet in your area, take a moment to check the nearby McDonald’s timings to avoid disappointment.

Christmas on McDonalds

Do McDonald’s Close on Christmas Day?

When considering McDonald’s business hours on Christmas, it all comes down to location.

If you crave any Mcdonald’s delicious food on Christmas, you can quickly call up your regular outlet or restaurant.

The company’s store locator page or the app is also a great way to learn the outlet’s timing in your area.

Is McDonald’s Open on Christmas?

As mentioned above, it varies by location because every McDonald’s store is franchise-owned.

So, storeowners have their own rules, and if there are two locations nearby, one may open while the other may remain closed on Christmas.

McDonald’s has an extensive menu with numerous fast-food items. If you’re too lazy to cook on Christmas, you can order a variety of items from the menu for yourself and the entire family.

The company has also introduced a festive menu, giving you more choices. The fast-food chain also has vegetarian dishes, so those who want to avoid meat can eat those items.

McDonald’s Christmas

What is McDonald’s 12 Days of Christmas?

The fast-food chain comes up with new ideas regularly. The McDonald’s 12 Days of Christmas is a promo from Dec 13 to Dec 24 or from Dec 14 to Dec 25.

During this promotion, Mcdonald’s asks a question, and a lucky customer stands to win lovely prizes daily. In 2021, they offered a free item with a minimum purchase of $1.

How Late is McDonald’s Open on Christmas Eve?

Holiday timings of McDonald’s locations vary from place to place. Everybody wants to be with their family. So, the company or a specific store owner may close their outlet sooner.

Hence, it could be anywhere between 8 pm to 11 pm. However, it’s best to check the official site or the app for precise information. You can also contact the nearest location for further details.

Final Thoughts

McDonald’s is open on Christmas but not all of their stores. Outlets in big cities are more likely to remain open than in smaller towns.

But keep your fingers crossed if you want some McDonald’s items on Christmas. If several restaurants are in your place, at least one or two may be open.

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