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Is Dutch Bros Open On Christmas Day & Eve? (December 2023)

If you’re a coffee lover and frequently visit major coffee outlets, you may wonder, “Is Dutch Bros open on Christmas?”.

Unfortunately, Dutch Bros locations stay closed on Christmas. However, they are available on Christmas Eve and the day after Christmas.

Dutch Bros knows that its customers love their coffee, so they keep their locations open for all holidays except Christmas.

However, you must check the Dutch Bros app or website to learn more about the timings. 

It’s because some locations stayed open in previous years. So, in rare cases, one or two outlets may remain open.

Dutch Bros Coffee

What is a Christmas Morning At Dutch Bros?

Dutch Bros has introduced several holiday drinks for its esteemed customers. So, you have many options. The Christmas Morning is a holiday drink at Dutch Bros, and it’s part of the Chai menu.

The Christmas Morning is a specialty beverage with various ingredients, including ginger, cardamom, and cinnamon. It also contains black pepper, cloves, white chocolate sauce, and whipped cream.  

Is Dutch Bros Open on Christmas?

Customers may be disappointed, but Dutch Bros doesn’t open on Christmas Day. If it does, then it’s only in a few places.

If you love the coffee brand and are a regular drinker, remember to check their app for timings during the holidays.

In the past, though, some stores were operating on Christmas. That happened or happens if enough employees in a specific area want to work on Christmas Day.

So, it’s likely that few outlets might run for a limited period. You must, therefore, check the DB app and official site to find out if a nearby outlet is open in your area.

With several holiday drinks to die for, fans may want to grab a few cups of coffee even on Christmas. But as most outlets stay closed, you may not be lucky.

Christmas on coffee shop

Is Dutch Bros Open on Holidays?

If you want to know whether Dutch Bros is open on Holidays, then the answer is a big yes. Except for Christmas, you can get your favorite drink at Dutch Bros on all other holidays.

While timings for most holidays are as usual, Dutch Bros may have reduced during a few holidays.

For instance, during Easter Sunday, Thanksgiving, and Christmas Eve, they may close earlier, around 5 pm.

Is Dutch Bros Open on Christmas in California?

Normally, Dutch Bros doesn’t open on Christmas, including in California. However, there are a few exceptions. 

Previous records show that some Dutch Bros locations like the one in Sacramento was open on Christmas for a few hours (7 am to 1 pm).

When looking for information, trust only the official site and Dutch Bros app to know whether a location is open on Christmas. 

Final Thoughts

Dutch Bros doesn’t typically open on Christmas. However, they may open conditionally.

But as stated earlier, you must obtain the information from the company’s website or app before going to a location. 

Though they do not open on Dec 25, they are available on Dec 24 and Dec 26. So, you won’t have to wait much for your favorite cup of coffee.

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