How To Order Dunkin Donuts Coffee?

There are literally thousands of ways to order coffee at Dunkin Donuts. Thanks to the innumerable customization options, variety of cup sizes, wide range of available beverage types, and a plethora of available flavors ordering at Dunkin Donuts requires you to juggle between an insane number of options.

However, to be honest, it isn’t as complicated as they tell you it is. With a set step-by-step approach, and with a basic knowledge of what is what at Dunkin’ you’ll be able to enjoy one of the best coffees in the world and that too the way you like it.

Master the ‘art’ of ordering a heavenly-tasting Dunkin’ cup with this detailed guide and you can thank us later.

How Do I Order Dunkin Black Coffee

How Do I Order Dunkin Black Coffee?

Craving for a classic, traditional, evergreen yet black coffee? Dunkin offers authentic, rich black coffee. But perhaps, like many others, you might be wondering what term Dunkin Donuts uses for traditional black coffee.

However, Dunkin customers would know that Dunkin’s Americano is actually dark, rich, and old-fashioned black coffee made with 100% Arabica coffee beans with water. And it is perhaps the simplest one to order on their menu.

All you have to decide is whether you would like it hot or iced and what cup size you would prefer small, medium, and large. Besides, you can choose to have it with or without sugar.

How To Order Dunkin Donuts Coffee?

If you know what you want, you can order a cup at Dunkin exactly the way you want. Ordering at Dunkin just follows a series of simple steps and the result is a completely customized perfect cup of coffee. Just follow these steps;

  • Select your coffee types e.g. latte, Americano, macchiato, cappuccino, espresso, etc.
  • How would you like it? i.e. hot or iced.
  • Select the cup size from small, medium, larger, and extra-large.
  • Select your flavor.
  • Whether or not you want your cup with cream and sugar.

To help you with the first step, here is a list of the coffee types they offer at Dunkin Donuts.

Coffee TypeAvailable Variations
Coffee (hot and iced)With notes of caramel and chocolate, Dunkin Espresso is certainly one of their best-caffeinated beverages. 
Coffee (cold brew)Have a traditional cup with or without cream and sugar in small, medium, or large.
AmericanosAvailable in hot and iced variations. Made with 100% Arabica coffee and water for a potent taste.
Lattes (hot, Iced, and Signature)These can be ordered with five dairy options and have 9 different flavor options.
MacchiatoMade with milk and double espresso shot available in hot and iced varieties.
CappuccinoAvailable in hot and iced varieties, its offered in 6 different flavors.
EspressoAvailable in hot and iced varieties, it is offered in 6 different flavors.

How To Order Dunkin Donuts Iced Coffee?

Dunkin Donuts has a huge variety of iced coffees, each one available in a range of flavors. Besides, you have options to choose from a range of dairy and non-dairy milk options. Here is a brief guide on different steps to follow for ordering a cup that suits your taste.

  1. Start by selecting your iced coffee type e.g. plain iced coffee, iced latte, iced cappuccino, iced Americano, or iced macchiato.
  2. Choose the cup size from the small, medium, large, and extra-large options. These are respectively 10oz, 14oz, 20oz, and 24oz in capacity.
  3. Select your dairy (or non-dairy) option e.g. oat milk, coconut milk, whole milk, skim milk, almond milk, and cream.
  4. You can either go without an added flavor for a more traditional taste, or choose between these options; toasted white chocolate swirls, peppermint mocha swirl, pumpkin swirl, butter pecan swirl, caramel swirl, French vanilla swirl, and mocha swirl.
  5. Finally, whether you want your coffee with sugar and cream or without it?

How To Order Caramel Iced Coffee at Dunkin Donuts App?

Dunkin Donuts mobile app is very user friendly and you can place online orders for home delivery or curbside pick-up using their app. All you need to do is;

  • Click on the iced coffee tab from their menu.
  • Choose your dairy preferences from oat milk, coconut milk, skim milk, whole milk, almond milk, and cream.
  • From the flavors tab, choose Caramel Swirl.
  • Finally, decide if you want sugar in your coffee or not.

How To Order a Latte at Dunkin?

Dunkin’ has a crazy number of options available in a latte. From an iced caramel latte to a Dunkin signature latte, a hot latte with a range of flavor options, everyone is sure to get a cup that pleases their taste buds. Here is how you can order one for yourself;

  • Decide whether you want to have a hot or iced variation of latte.
  • Select your dairy preference. They have whole milk. Skim milk, coconut milk, oat milk, and almond milk, as dairy and non-dairy options.
  • Choose your favorite flavor from the 9 different options provided by Dunkin in latte.
  • Finally, state whether you’d like your latte with sugar or without it.

How To Order a Mocha Iced Coffee at Dunkin Donuts?

Among the available flavors, select mocha as your preferred flavor. Tell the barista if you’d like to have sugar in your cup or added cream as well.

Besides, you can go for non-dairy options as well, for example, almond milk, and oat milk coconut milk for your cup of mocha iced coffee.

Why is Dunkin Coffee So Cheap?

Dunkin coffee prices are a bit lower compared to some other coffee chains. This is because of the difference in the Cost of Goods Sold. When it is higher, customers will be charged more.

However, even all Dunkin Donuts might not be charging the same price for the same item. The prices are generally higher in big cities due to the high cost of living.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Different Ways Can You Order Coffee at Dunkin Donuts?

You can order coffee in thousands of different ways at Dunkin due to its immensely diversified menu and a number of flavor options in each coffee type.

How to Order a Dunkin Hot Coffee?

Select your cup size, dairy option, flavor, and sweetener, and your cup is ready.

What is a Regular Dunkin Coffee?

Regular means different for different people. You must be precise while ordering a regular coffee at Dunkin e.g. whether you like it with or without sugar and cream.

How to Order Coffee With Cream and Sugar at Dunkin Donuts?

Select your coffee type and flavor and tell the barista if you would like to add sugar and cream.

Is Dunkin Cheaper Than Starbucks?

Yes, in general, it is cheaper. However, prices may vary from one city to the other.

How Do I Order Dunkin Black Coffee?

They call it Americano at Dunkin. Just say if you would like it hot or iced and whether you would add sugar or not.

Final Thoughts

There are over 100 ways in which you can order a coffee at Dunkin, courtesy of their innumerable coffee types, flavors, and customization options.

However, if you can understand the basics of hoe to place an order, this variety will prove to be a bliss rather than a nuisance.

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