How To Order At Dutch Bros Online & in-Store?

Unlike any other big names, Dutch Bros does not offer door-to-door delivery. Still, something may help you get your preferred coffee fix, as you will hesitate for a second when ordering a coffee for the first time.

Well, this insight is an easy step-by-step guide if you want to order quickly and smoothly without any hassle.

Whether it’s your favorite concoction or keto, simply try ordering via the app website or go to the nearest drive-thru for a seamless experience at Dutch Bros.

You just need to get up to the closest drive-thru to savor the craving and experience exceptional customer service.

How To Order Ahead at Dutch Bros?

Now you can order ahead as Dutch Bros has recently launched an online ordering app where you can get a drink gratis and earn points online.

So, start with downloading the app and enjoy your complimentary drink. You will see the other frequent purchases and enter all the required payment information.

By scanning the QR, select your preferred drink from the menu and pay via credit, debit card, or PayPal.

How To Order at Dutch Bros?

Getting your drink at Dutch Bros is more like a personalized experience. Ready to have a refreshing coffee treat, follow these steps to get yours:

Step 1: Choose a Location

Dutch Bros is currently running in over 300 locations within the United States. Choose the nearest location to pick up your order.

Step 2: Review Their Menu

Dutch Bros offers a wide array of customization choices, select your preferred item.

Step 3: Pick The Size of The Drink

Start with the preferable size from Large, Medium, or Small easier. The cup size depends on your order, whether blended, Iced, or Hot coffee.

Step 4: Choose The Drink Type

Nothing is better than a hot coffee on a tiring day, but if you like cold and refreshing drinks, you can choose blended or iced coffee with delicious toppings.

Step 5: Select a Flavor Combination

Dutch Bros serves customers to have fun by choosing different flavor combos. Try different blends with different sprinkles and whip on cold or blended drinks.

Step 6: Select Modifiers/Syrups

Extra shots, extra syrup, or extra sweet, Dutch Bros make sure to serve exactly what you want to have.

Also, you can try coffee with whipped cream, which is a perfect match and treat to your taste buds.

The magic at DB begins with Torani products they use to enhance flavor and add syrups of your choice.

The best thing is there are many sugar-free syrups too. You can also try different toppings to finish off your drink.

Step 7: Grab your Sticker

Dutch Bros offers unique stickers to customers every end of the month so make sure to get yours.

How To Order White Coffee at Dutch Bros?

Dutch Bros white coffee is undoubtedly a drink anyone would love to try. It has more caffeine than traditional coffee blends and lower acidity, a pleasure for people with sensitive tummies.

Unlike regular espresso, White coffee comes with coffee beans caramelized, giving a perfect combination of sweet and bitter taste.

It offers White coffee with different flavors like Dutch Crunch Breve, Hazelnut Mocha, Toasted Mellow Oat Milk Latte, and Coconut Chai latte.

Now, you might be thinking about how to order White coffee at Dutch Bros; ask baristas, “I would like to have a small kicker with White coffee.”

How To Order Dutch Bros Online?

Dutch Bros offers orders online and pickup to its customers. Go to the Dutch Bros website or app for the delivery option, browse the Dutch Bros menu, select your order, enter the order’s details like flavor, size, combos, etc., and then enter all the payment details and get Dutch Bros delivered to the door.

They also embrace third-party apps for delivery. However, consider a few things like additional fees, slight variations, or product availability. Although officially, Dutch Bros prefers face-to-face customer service.

Dutch Bros Delivery Methods

Home deliveryAvailable
Curbside PickupNot Available

Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Order At The Window For Dutch Bros?

Yes, it is easy to order coffee at the drive-thru window at Dutch Bros; they emphasize a fun atmosphere and friendly staff.

Can You Just Walk-Up to a Dutch Bros?

Nope you can’t. Dutch Bros is now only offering drive-thru windows; they have closed their walk-up or walk-in windows and focus on community wellness.

What Should I Try From Dutch Bros?

You may try the Snickers Mocha form Dutch Bros. It comes with a chocolaty milk base with hazelnut or caramel as a topping.

What is Cheaper Starbucks or Dutch Bros?

Dutch Bros is a little cheaper and the best fit to enjoy coffee at affordable rates.

Did Dutch Bros Get More Expensive?

With the rising cost of commodities, the prices at Dutch Bros will increase in 2023.

Can You Go to Dutch Bros Without a Car?

Certainly you can go to Dutch Bros by bike while it only offers a drive-thru.

Final thought

Dutch Bros are great at providing exceptional customer service. Every team member possesses the expertise to craft incredibly delightful drinks and a sense of urgency.

Quality services and a unique menu embed Dutch Bros. Another appealing aspect is the vast customization flavor options offered to coffee lovers.

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