How To Make Mcdonalds Iced Coffee at Home?

Iced Coffee from McDonalds becomes a necessity when you are tired on a hot day and want a drink to boost your mood. This delightful drink with its refreshing coolness is loved by coffee enthusiasts.

The popularity of this iconic drink started a desire among many to recreate its magic in the comfort of their homes.

Let’s dive deep into how to make refreshing and rich creamy McDonald’s Iced coffee with simple steps and enjoy it sip by sip.

Why is McDonald’s Iced Coffee so Good?

Getting premium quality iced coffee at a decent price is great; also, McDonald’s Iced Coffee is famous for its flavored syrups, like French vanilla, sugar-free French vanilla, caramel, and hazelnut.

The ratio of bitter coffee to sweet or luscious creamy flavor makes it mouthwatering for coffee enthusiasts. McDonald’s iced coffee is the better option in all aspects to lift your energy level.

Why is McDonalds Iced Coffee so Good

How To Make Mcdonalds Iced Coffee?

Equipment Required

  • Coffee maker
  • Pitcher
  • Serving glass
  • Stirring utensil


  • Coffee grounded (Use high-quality coffee)
  • Milk or Creamer
  • Sugar or sweeteners (syrups)
  • Sweetener and Flavor Options
  • Milk or Cream
  • Ice

Step 1: Arrange The Ingredients and Equipment

To make Mcdonald-styled Iced coffee, you need:

  • 200 ml of water
  • 50ml of Milk or Creamer
  • 3-4 tablespoons of grounded coffee
  • 1-2 tablespoons of flavored syrup

Step 2: Brew The Coffee 

For a hot coffee, take 200ml of water and brew the coffee using a coffee maker for 5-6 minutes or steep coffee in water overnight for iced coffee.

Add sugar, desired flavor, or sweeteners such as caramel, French vanilla, or hazelnut for iced coffee. 

Step 3: Add Milk to The Prepared Coffee

Pour milk/creamer into the coffee mixture and mix it thoroughly until the coffee turns black to brown.

Step 4: Serving and Presentation

Fill up the serving glass with ice cubes and add the coffee mixture. Add light cream, drizzle caramel or syrup, and serve right after mixing. Adore the freshly prepared McDonald’s Iced coffee at home.

Tips for the perfect McDonald’s Iced Coffee:

  • Use skimmed milk or low-fat milk for a light version.
  • To customize the drink, experiment with different flavors.
  • Freeze leftover coffee as ice cubes to avoid dilution in brewed coffee.
  • Add more or less sweetener as per taste.  

What Are The Ingredients in Mcdonald’s Caramel Iced Coffee?

You only need milk, coffee, light cream, and caramel syrup to make chilled McDonald’s caramel iced coffee.

McCafe iced caramel coffee is made with buttery caramel flavor and roasted beans that will ultimately uplift your mood.

With a personalized addition of creamer or sweetener, McDonald’s caramel iced coffee will indulge you in the perfect combination of coffee and caramel sweetness.

Can You Get McDonald’s Iced Coffee Without Sugar?

Yes, McDonald’s serves sugar-free iced coffee with only 90 Cal, perfect for diet-conscious consumers. Unlike heavily sweetened beverages, it pleases coffee fans to enjoy coffee without sugar.

Sugar-free iced coffee at McDonald’s is a treat for consumers to savor their coffee cravings. So fresh, unsweetened iced coffee is a favorite drink to power up your body and relish different flavors.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Brand of Coffee Does Mcdonald’s Use For Iced Coffee?

McDonald’s uses premium Arabian coffee beans to serve aromatic and quality coffee for consumers, which creates magic in its iced coffee.

How Does Mcdonald’s Make Its Iced Coffee?

McDonald’s iced coffee is created with freshly brewed coffee with a perfect combination of milk, light cream, ice, and syrup. 

What Makes Mcdonald’s Iced Coffee so Good?

McDonald’s uses high-quality coffee beans with creamer or milk, giving a sweet-smelling taste. Also, it makes the perfect ratio of ingredients that makes it worth enjoying every sip

How Do You Make McDonald’s Iced Coffee Taste Like Starbucks?

One can replicate the taste of McDonald’s iced coffee, like Starbucks, by adjusting the quantity of sweeteners and experimenting with different flavors.

How Many Pumps Are in Mcdonald’s Iced Coffee?

The quantity of pumps in Mcdonalds iced coffee depends on the size and flavor customization of the coffee ordered and is not disclosed to the public. 

Why is Mcdonald’s Iced Coffee so Sweet?

McDonald’s iced coffee is sweet because of the use of flavored syrups that serve delightful flavors to coffee lovers. 

Final Words

McDonald’s Iced Coffee is famous for its rich flavor that every coffee enthusiast desires. It is a perfect mix of coffee and flavors that gives an ultimate boost to your tiring day.

Making McDonald-styled coffee at home can be a fun experience; you get to adjust ratios according to taste and get the desired sweetness and creaminess to your coffee.

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