How Does Starbucks Make Iced Coffee? DIY Step-By-Step Recipe

If you’re a coffee addict, the question of how Starbucks makes its iced coffee might have crossed your mind at least a few times. Iced coffee, to begin with, is a rather simple blend of coffee and ice that is served quite chilled.

Starbucks iced coffee is made simply by brewing twice the amount of coffee as one part of water for four minutes.

While the initial ingredients of a Starbucks iced coffee are as plain as coffee, water, and ice, you could quite customize it by adding some milk (a popular choice), any flavor of ice cream, or a syrup of your choice.

The popular go-to syrup options at Starbucks are a myriad of caramel, brown sugar, chocolate, vanilla, and classic syrup.  

To make a perfect iced coffee every time, Starbucks suggests you immediately pour the hot coffee over the iced cubes. The slowly melting ice is the key to the best dilution.

How Does Starbucks Serve Iced Coffee?

What is Starbucks Iced Coffee Made of?

Starbucks iced coffee, as mentioned above is a classic blend of premium coffee with water, served over iced cubes.

Iced coffee is rather distinct from cold-brew coffee. Typically, they are made by brewing the proper ratio of coffee with filtered cold water which is much contrasted with the cold brew as coarser coffee grounds are steeped in cool filtered water for a longer period for cold brew to be made.

Iced coffee is rather notorious for its robust flavors of cola and chocolate which aren’t sugary sweet, unlike Cold Brew with a hint of sweetness.

How Does Starbucks Serve Iced Coffee?

Given the fact that it’s an iced coffee and therefore needs to be pretty cold by the time it’s served, Starbucks does the job right by serving the coffee chilled.

The hot coffee is almost immediately poured onto ice to make sure of the process of ice melting over the brewed coffee. This is why, Starbucks iced coffee comes to your table with the right amount of chillness balanced by a hint of sweetness.

Starbucks swears by the refreshing taste of its iced coffee by guaranteeing that it will be served quite chilled and lightly sweetened.

What Coffee Does Starbucks Use To Make Iced Coffee?

Every cup of Starbucks iced coffee used their famous Premium Starbucks coffee. For this iced coffee specifically, Starbucks breakfast blend is used. The beans are said to be medium roast 100% arabica beans.

It is also noteworthy how their iced coffee is double-strength as well.  

How To Make Starbucks Iced Coffee Recipe

The ingredients

  • Starbucks Breakfast Blend coffee (medium roast) or any type of ground coffee
  • Hot water
  • Iced cubes
  • Milk (optional)
  • Ice cream (optional)
  • A syrup of your choice (optional)

Step By Step Guide to Make Starbucks Iced Coffee at Home

  • Measure your coffee grounds as per the number of servings – a coarser grind would work better

(The golden rule is to use four tablespoonfuls of coffee grounds for every six ounces of water)

  • Pour hot water into your mug or coffee pot.
  • Add your measured coffee grounds to the water.
  • Stir well until everything is well combined. (Keep stirring for four minutes to make sure of the proper dilution and the strength of the coffee)
  • Add some ice cubes to your coffee mug.
  • Pour your hot coffee into the mug filled with iced coffee.

(Make sure to pour your hot coffee instantly over the iced cubes. This will ensure the best dilution of the coffee with melting ice.)

  • Add the toppings of your choice.

(Now it’s time to up your iced coffee game with any toppings of your choice. This varies from your favorite ice cream and syrups to the most common choice of milk)

Starbucks Iced Coffee Flavors

Starbucks offers a diverse range of iced coffee flavors to cater to various preferences. From classic options like Iced latte and Iced cinnamon coffee to seasonal delights such as Iced Hazelnut coffee or Vietnamese Iced coffee, Starbucks’ iced coffee menu provides a refreshing and customizable experience for coffee enthusiasts. Here is a list of their fine Iced Coffee Flavors.

Iced Coffee FlavorsIngredientsPreparation Time
Iced coffeeCoffee grounds, water, ice6 minutes
Vietnamese Iced coffeeBrewed coffee, condescend milk, fresh mint sprigs, ice cubes3 minutes
Iced latteExpresso, whole milk, ice cubes10-12 minutes
Iced caramel macchiatoExpresso, 2% milk, vanilla syrup, ice cubes, caramel sauce5 minutes
Iced Hazelnut coffeeCoffee, hazelnut syrup, milk, a cup of ice3-5 minutes  
Iced cinnamon coffeeCoffee grounds, condensed milk, cup of ice, cinnamon7-10 minutes
Iced cinnamon honey coffeeCoffee, water, honey, cinnamon sticks, vanilla extract, milk, ice20-25 minutes

Why Does Starbucks Iced Coffee Taste So Good?

The superior taste of Starbucks iced coffee comes from its brewing method where the piping hot coffee is poured over ice cubes. This is the ideal method to prevent coffee from being watered down while preserving the robust flavors of the coffee, making it taste so good.  

Simultaneously, the freshness of the coffee contributes a lot to the additive taste of Starbucks iced coffee while you will be able to catch a few notes of sweetness in it as well.

Why is Iced Coffee More Expensive?

The elevated prices of iced coffee come from the comparatively larger cups that are being used for it. The extra coffee costs you extra bucks while the added milk or any of the syrups will exponentially make your iced coffee more expensive than an average regular coffee.

Is Starbucks Iced Coffee Just Hot Coffee With Ice?

No, Starbucks iced coffee is not the same thing as hot coffee with ice. To begin with, Starbucks iced coffee is known to be double strength which means there will be twice as much coffee as there would be water.

This step is crucial in making sure of the right consistency and strength of the flavors. Furthermore, the iced coffee comes sweetened and chilled, adding the perfect touch of freshness.

In contrast, hot coffee with ice with just your average cup of hot coffee with a couple of ice cubes. This means your coffee will be cold, watered down, and without much coffee taste.

Is Starbucks Iced Coffee Just Hot Coffee With Ice?

Why is Starbucks Iced Coffee So Sweet?

The sweetness of Starbucks iced coffee is a result of the splash of the regular syrup that they add while making the coffee. While you might not have ordered it, it’s a regular step to add a bit of classic sweetener to your iced coffee.


What’s The Difference Between Cold Coffee and Iced Coffee?

The main difference between iced coffee and cold coffee is that you make iced coffee with hot water, using the regular brewing method while cold brew needs steeping the coffee grounds for a much longer time.

Is Iced Coffee Healthy?

Iced coffee contains less caffeine making it healthier than regular coffee, regulating the heat of the body.

Is Starbucks Iced Coffee Real Coffee?

Of course, Starbucks only uses 100% real coffee for all its blends, including iced coffee.

Is Starbucks Iced Coffee Medium Or Dark?

Starbucks iced coffee is made with their famous Breakfast Blend which is a medium roast coffee.

What is The Best Iced Coffee Flavor?

It is said that the best iced coffee flavor at Starbucks is the salted caramel crème flavor which is an ultimate hit among the people.

Which is Better Iced Latte Or Cold Brew?

Cold brew is better than iced latte simply due to its less acidity.

Final Words

Each of us needs a little energy boost amid the scorching hot super busy day. Starbucks iced coffee hits right on the spot when you’re sweating buckets. That’s why we brought you the best Starbucks iced coffees and the recipe to make it at home as well.

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