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Hardee’s Coffee Menu Prices 2024

​​What is on Hardee’s Coffee Menu? Upon entering this popular fast-food chain, people crave coffee and Hardee’s Rise and Shine Coffee can be the perfect start to your day.

They serve premium coffee, from regular to decaffeinated, making it a great coffee spot. Hardee’s iced coffee is also a crowd favorite, especially on those warmer days.

Originally from the Southeastern region of the United States, Hardee’s draws its dishes and flavors from those areas. Their menus have smoky burgers, chicken dishes, and made-from-scratch biscuits.

And their drinks menu is no different, offering tasty American staples like shakes, fizzy drinks, and aromatic coffee.

Their appetizing and versatile menu has made Hardee’s well-known across America.

And if you are looking to grab a delicious and affordable cup of coffee, Hardee’s may be the perfect place! 

What Brand Coffee Does Hardees Use

What Brand Coffee Does Hardee’s Use?

Hardee’s uses Rise and Shine Coffee Roasters as their brand of choice. The coffee consists of 100% Arabica beans and is a medium-bodied Central American blend, sticking to Hardee’s all-American theme.

This bold coffee has a strong flavor, giving its customers a taste of real coffee. Their regular hot coffees and decaffeinated options are low in calories. So, they are a healthy addition to a calorie-dense meal.

Hardee’s Coffee Price and Menu

Hardee’s coffee menu varies from region to region. Hardee’s official beverage menu consists of regular Rise and Shine coffee that comes in various sizes, including small, medium, and large.

Their menu also has a decaf option that comes in the same sizes as a regular coffee. It is a great alternative for those who like the taste of coffee but don’t enjoy the feeling of being caffeinated!

Hardee’s, depending on your nearest franchise, may also offer a delicious cold brew iced Coffee.

Currently, the official website only lists these two simple yet classic coffee options, which you can see in the table below.

Decaf Small$1.89
Rise and ShineSmall$1.89

Hardee’s Tea Menu

Sweet TeaSmall100-230$2.29
½ Gallon100-230$3.99
Unsweetened TeaSmall$2.29
½ Gallon$3.99

Hardee’s Drinks

Half Gallon Lemonade830$5.99
Soft Drink
Choice of flavor: Diet coke, Coca-Cola, Cherry Coke, Sprite, Dr. Pepper, Coke Zero, Hi-C-Orange, Diet Dr. Pepper, Mello Yello
Others Drink
Simply Orange160160$2.79
1% Milk90$2.19
Dasani Water$2.49

Does Hardee’s Have Iced Coffee? Hardee’s Iced Coffee Flavors

Yes, Hardee’s has iced coffee on their menu, It has two flavors, depending on your location and whether you are ordering online or in-store.

These coffees are craft-brewed and steeped to taste so all the dry matter is absorbed to make this drink extra delicious.

The two flavors are crowd-pleasers, Vanilla and Classic. They are great options for people with a sweet tooth and those who prefer a more traditional iced coffee.

Either way, they both are refreshing and can get you out of an afternoon slump.

Breakfast Items At Hardee’s Menu

Hardee’s coffee is versatile and can be paired with the breakfast items on Hardee’s menu.

You can also pair their coffee with sweet treats like their Cinnamon roll, as advertised on the website, which is back due to popular demand!

Some of their combos include a beverage where you can throw in a piping hot coffee, like the Super Bacon Biscuit Combo which costs roughly $10.

Who Are Hardee’s Competitors?

Hardee’s competitor, Burger King, sources its coffee from Seattle’s Best Coffee, a subsidiary of Starbucks. Another competitor, Carl’s Jr, uses a premium dark roast blend made from 100% Arabica beans.

Fatburger is also one of Hardee’s competitors. They do not specialize in coffee and instead focus on burgers and an impressive selection of shakes.

While Hardee’s has many competitors, they cater for everyone by using a medium roast and a coffee brand that aims to make a positive impact.

Their coffee brand, Rise and Shine, donates 10% of their proceeds to a different charity every month.

What is Hardees Most Known For?

Hardee’s is best known for its scrumptious breakfasts, burgers, combos and biscuits. Their biscuits are made from scratch, making them wholesome and fresh.

America’s favorite breakfast foods like bacon, sausages and eggs are often sandwiched between their biscuits.

Their breakfast specialties do not stop there as they have breakfast platters and combos to choose from.

Their regular coffee compliments their extensive menu, and you can often see a Rise and Shine coffee next to one of their biscuits or breakfasts. 

Their food is versatile and loaded with flavor. Ultimately, Hardee’s is known as more of a breakfast and lunch spot – and you can see why!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Brand Coffee Does Hardee’s Use?

Hardee’s uses a Rise and Shine Coffee Roasting Company, a premium coffee brand, for their selection of regular coffee.

What is Hardee’s Slogan?

Hardee’s slogan is, “Feed your happy.”

What Are Hardee’s $5 Boxes?

Hardee’s has an affordable option where you mix and match two meals from selected items on the menu.
These items include Sausage and Egg Biscuits, Biscuits and Gravy, Cinnamon Rolls and French Toast Dips

Which Country Brand is Hardee’s?

Hardee’s is an American fast-food restaurant chain. Today, it is found across the United States and in 13 other countries.

Why Does Hardee’s Have Two Names?

No, Hardee’s doesn’t have two names. Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr are often confused.
When Hardee’s was purchased by Carl Karcher Enterprises, instead of rebranding to Carl’s Jr, they chose to keep the name that everyone recognized in the area.
Although Carl’s Jr and Hardee’s have a similar feel and menu, they operate as separate brands.

Does Hardee’s Have Iced Coffee?

Hardee’s does not list iced Coffee on their official website but they may have it depending on your location. Some franchises do sell iced Coffee.

Final Thoughts

Hardee’s Coffee menu, like its food menu, is packed with quality. They use a premium brand to deliver a coffee that their customers love and that complements their breakfast menu and burgers.

If you are looking for an affordable and delicious coffee, Hardee’s is a great option.

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