Dutch Bros Vs Starbucks: Which is Better? (Similarities & Differences in 2024)

Dutch Bros and Starbucks are two popular coffee chains, they both use high-quality coffee beans and both have a variety of options, but there are some differences between the two: Starbucks has an indoor seating option that way their customers can enjoy their coffee in the shop, unlike Dutch Bros that only offers a drive through option and a walk up window, you can simply wait until your order is ready and grab it and leave, both of them offer their clients good quality coffee, it just depends on what the client is looking for, and they obviously both have loyalty programs for their loyal customers to reward them, but they have some differences.

Dutch Bros Vs Starbucks Prices Difference

What is The Hype About Dutch Bros Coffee?

Dutch Bros is one of the best coffee chains out there, with amazing quality drinks, since they use high-quality beans, with a variety of choices that you can customize, Do not forget about how their logo is all about creating connections, and being friendly which touched the heart of many customers.

Common Difference and Similarities: Dutch Bros Vs Starbucks

Since the two of them are both very popular and have loyal customers, and serve almost the same thing, they still are different from each other.


Dutch Bros has a vibrant vibe with the help of their positive staff and their friendly service, while on the other hand, Starbucks is well known for its cozy atmosphere; starting from the design of the store, the scent, the decoration, and much more that all give that cozy and warm vibe.


Considering their menu variety both the companies have a lot to offer but there are still some differences: Dutch Bros offers mostly cold drinks such as smoothies, cold brews, and much more, while Starbucks offers mostly cozy drinks like their famous pumpkin spice drinks, tea, and many more warm drinks, but since Starbucks is a much bigger company they offer more on their menu.


Since Dutch Bros only offers a drive-through option they really focus on it!, so their customers get the best service, unlike Starbucks which has indoor seating as well but they still have a good drive-through experience.

Customer Service

Dutch Bros interacts with their customers in a friendly way focusing on creating a positive experience for their clients, then again comes Starbucks with their loyal interactions to make their clients feel a strong connection.


Both companies serve high-quality coffee. Dutch Bros offers a lightweight coffee, while Starbucks has a richer flavor to its drinks. However, both companies use good-quality coffee.

Dutch Bros Vs Starbucks Prices Difference

Both companies offer almost the same drink choices, it just depends on what the client is looking for, yet there is a price difference between the two: Dutch Bros offers almost the same drink with more fluid for less than the price of a Starbucks drink it’s almost a 2 dollar difference, so in this economic Dutch Bros is the better choice: they offer amazing quality drinks full of flavor, for less the price of Starbucks that offers almost just the same with less liquid.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which One is Better Starbucks Or Dutch Bros?

Both companies are good and serve almost the same thing, if your looking for a cozy vibe and enjoying your order in store then Starbucks is the answer, however if your looking for a light drink along with an environment friendly and grab and go store then Dutch Bros is for you.

What is So Special About Dutch Bros?

What makes Dutch Bros special is how they target their audience, and their positivity, while serving an amazing coffee quality.

Who is Dutch Bros Biggest Competitor?

Dunkin donuts is one of Dutch Bros biggest competitor.

Is Dutch Bros Coffee Owned By Starbucks?

No, it’s owned by Travis Boersma.

Which is Better To Work For Dutch Bros Vs Starbucks?

Dutch Bros has a higher rate by employees than Starbucks.

What is The Strongest Coffee Drink At Dutch Bros?

The 9-1-1 -6 shot Irish cream breve.

Final Thoughts

Dutch Bros and Starbucks both have so much to offer, they are both unique and special, it simply depends on what vibe and choices the customer is looking for and their budget.

In my opinion I think both stores are worth a try and deserve the hype, it just depends on your personal taste to find your favorite.

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