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Dutch Bros Nutrition Menu of 2024

Imagine you are driving your car for an hour during the hot summer days. Suddenly you feel an urge to drink a cold beverage from Dutch Bros.

But being a fitness enthusiast, you can’t decide which drink will help you control your calorie intake. Don’t worry!

An overview of the calorie and nutritional value of the Dutch Bros Menu will help you to customize the best options for your drink.

From a plain Americano containing only 10 calories to the White Chocolate Dutch Frost containing 1,000 calories, the diverse menu of Dutch Bros offers a variety of coffee drinks, smoothies, and energy-infused beverages that have wide ranges of caloric contents.

Since Dutch Bros offers sugary beverages, always try to make smart choices in your drinks since staying healthy and controlling your calorie intake is indispensable.

For instance, a medium-sized Americano containing only 10 calories or a sugar-free blue Rebel containing 2 grams of carbs can be a good option.

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Does Dutch Bros Have a Lot of Sugar

Does Dutch Bros Have a Lot of Sugar?

Having a sweet, delicious cup of coffee or a beverage from the Dutch Bros seems comforting. But the amount of sugar you can be consuming for a regular cup might surprise you!

The scale of sugar consumption in the body of a man is 36 grams and for a woman, the scale is 25 grams per day.

The average amount of sugar in Dutch Bros beverages can be more than 40-50 grams which is higher than the amount of sugar your body should consume per day.

Popular drinks such as their Cotton Candy Frost have 168 grams of added sugar. 

The sugar amount in their seasonal drinks such as Merry Mischief Rebel (large) is made with 155 grams of sugar which equals 37 teaspoons of sugar. 

Although it might seem like the beverages from Dutch Bros as a red signal for your health, with proper customization and choosing sugar-free options, you can surely make the drinks low-calorie.

Dutch Bros Nutrition Menu

Dutch Bros serves a variety of sweet and flavorful brews. For instance their classic rebel energy drinks, lattes, mochas, frost drinks, and smoothies.

Let’s take a quick look at the Dutch Bros nutrition menu.

Coffee Items

Dutch Bros offers a wide array when it comes to serving coffee items. A large-sized Americano with an espresso shot typically contains 20 cal.

If you are looking for a low-calorie drink, a medium-sized Americano without the additional sweeteners can be a good choice since it only contains 10 cal.     

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Dutch Bros Nitro Infused

Classic Collection 

Their Dutch Classic Collections drinks such as Kicker, Annihilator, and Caramelizer contain a calorie count between 250-510 cal.

Although they are high in calories, Dutch Bros offers 8 classic collections with sugar-free flavor options.


If you are seeking fruity and refreshing smoothies, Dutch Bros smoothies are always a favorite option. The calorie count is between 400- 900 cal according to the different sizes available.

The sugar amount Dutch Bros uses in their smoothies may look excessive, but you can customize it with unsweetened almond milk and sugar-free flavorings.


The Dutch freezes can seem like the highest calorie-containing drinks on their menu. A large-sized drink from Freeze items such as Golden Eagle can contain a calorie count of up to 1000 cal.

If you want to make the drinks a bit healthier, consider ordering light versions with smaller portions.


A Strawberry or cotton candy Dutch Frost milkshake calorie count can range from 400-1000 cal according to different sizes. 

Ordering a light version with less whipped cream can help cut some calories.


The unique energy drinks Dutch Bros offers are well known as Rebels. Electric berry, after shock rebel drinks contains a calorie count between 190- 400 cal.

To make the Rebel drinks much healthier, choose a smaller portion and ask for stevia-based sweeteners. Dutch Bros also offers a wide range of teas, lemonades, sodas, and more.

Even though the beverages from Dutch Bros contain a large number of calories, you can easily customize your drinks and order a healthier version of them. 

How Many Calories in a Dutch Bros Smoothie?

The common types of smoothies we find in Dutch Bros are peach, green apple, strawberry, and mango.

Both the calorie count and the amount of sugar in the Dutch Bros smoothies are a bit high compared to their regular beverages.

A small-sized smoothie from the Dutch Bros can contain a calorie count between 350-450 cal.

Medium-sized smoothies contain between 500-680 cal. A larger-sized smoothie can contain up to 900 cal. 

How To Make Dutch Bros Healthy?

Not everyone is a fan of plain black coffee. So other than the plain Americano, you still can choose a healthier and tastier option. Customizing your drink can save you from the extra calories.

To make your lattes, and mochas healthier, go for low-fat milk or plant-based milk options. Avoid extra sugar, syrups, and whipped cream toppings.

Try to choose sugar-free sweeteners. As surprising as it sounds, with diverse customization options, the Dutch Bros service center will also calculate the nutrition for each drink for you.

So you can customize a drink according to your preference and also keep track of the calories!

How Many Calories Are in a Dutch Bros Energy Drink?

A Dutch Bros energy drink calorie count can vary according to different types.

A small-sized energy drink can have a calorie count range between 190-270 cal according to different flavors.

A medium-sized drink can contain a calorie count between 240-320 cal. For larger drinks, the calorie count can range up to 320-470 cal. For the blended versions, the calorie range can increase.

Are Dutch Bros Energy Drinks Sugar Free?

Yes, Dutch Bros offers their energy drinks in sugar-free options too! You can easily customize your drinks with sugar-free options. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Dutch Bros Use Milk? 

Dutch Bros use whole milk in their drinks. But they also offer plant-based oats or almond milk variants. 

What is The Healthiest Drink at Dutch Brothers?

A medium-sized plain Americano with a calorie count of 10 cal. 

How Many Calories is a Dutch Bros Drink?

The calorie count may differ in various drinks. 
But for a mid-sized energy drink, the calorie count can be between 240-320 cal. 

What Syrups are Sugar Free at Dutch Bros?

The sugar-free syrups Dutch bros use are vanilla, chocolate macadamia nut, white chocolate, chocolate, caramel, hazelnut, raspberry, peach, strawberry, and more.

How Many Carbs are in Sugar Free Dutch Bros?

A blue rebel sugar-free Dutch Bros drink contains only 2 gm carbs. 

Why is Dutch Bros so High in Calories?

Dutch Bros are very high in calories from their over-sweetened flavors.

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