Dutch Bros Cup Sizes: Small, Medium & Large

Hot or cold drinks, you name it, Dutch Bros, has it all: drinks that come with some of the most memorable names for their offerings, names that you’ve never heard before for a drink, so imagine something like Annihilator, Tuxedo, 911, or Dreamweaver.

Overall, the Dutch Bros Hot Cup Sizes come in 4 different cup sizes: the kids’s cup size, small, medium, and large.

However, if someone asks for it, they can also have an extra large cup size of up to 44 oz, and that’s for the iced drinks only.

There is something for everyone’s taste, whether hot or iced coffee, tea, smoothies, and more. Read on to look at the Dutch Bros hot cup size offerings. We explain everything below!

Dutch Bros Cup Sizes
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How Many Oz is a Small Dutch Bros Coffee?

The small Dutch Bros coffee is divided into several small cup-size options. Small Dutch Bros cup sizes range from 16 oz (the ‘Mini’ version) to 20 oz (the ‘Small’ version).

The brand offers these options because different people perceive the small cup size differently and want to satisfy all kinds of preferences.

Dutch Bros Cup Sizes As we mentioned above, Dutch Bros offers a variety of cup sizes to satisfy the needs of any customer. The brand offers 4 cups: small, medium, and large for kids.

Note: The extra large cup option exists even though it is not listed on the Dutch Bros menus.

It holds up to 44 ounces and is only for iced drinks. Check the table below to have a better understanding of the Dutch Bros cup sizes:

Cup SizeVolume in Oz
Kids10 oz (one cup size only)
Not-so-Hot Small12 oz to 16 oz
Medium16 oz to24 oz
Large20 oz to 32 oz

Some of their popular unique names that come in most cup sizes are Nutty Irishmen, Annihilator, Cocomo, Tiger’s Blood, 911, Grasshopper, Vampire Slayer, Not So Hot, White Zombie, Double Torture, Galaxy Fish, Picture Perfect, Kicker, etc.

Dutch Bros Hot Cup Sizes The Dutch Bros brand offers several different hot cup sizes that can satisfy any customer’s preferences.

There always needs to be clarity between the hot and cold cup sizes at Dutch Bros. Below, we explain the cup sizes for the hot drinks if you are interested.

The small cup size for hot drinks is 12 ounces, 354 ml. The medium size for hot drinks is 16 ounces, which is 473 ml.

The large size for hot drinks is 20 ounces, 591 ml. The kids’ cup size is the same for hot and cold drinks, and it is 10 oz, which is 259 ml.

What Size is Dutch Bro’s Birthday Drinks?

On your birthday, Dutch Bros will offer you one free drink of any size, which could be up to 32 oz.

Do All Dutch Bro Drinks Have Coffee?

No! Even though Dutch Bros is primarily known for its coffee drinks, their stores offer a variety of caffeine-free offerings on their menu.

These drinks include various tea options, smoothies, energy drinks, and frosts similar to milkshakes.

Let’s not forget their seasonal specials or some limited-time beverages that are also caffeine-free.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Popular is Dutch Bros?

Dutch Bros is very popular, especially in the regions where it has its coffee shops.
The brand has grown rapidly in recent years, especially among the younger generation, because of its friendly service, high-quality drinks, and cool atmosphere.

Does Dutch Bros Only Have Coffee?

No! Dutch Bros does not serve coffee only, but coffee is their main offering.
Besides coffee, they offer other beverages, including smoothies, teas, Italian sodas, and frost-like milkshakes.
They also have seasonal specials and limited-time drinks to satisfy different tastes.

How Many Oz is a Small Dutch Bros Coffee?

A small coffee drink at Dutch Bros is around 12 ounces.
However, depending on the drink you order and your preferences, the serving sizes may vary slightly.

Does Dutch Bros Let You Use Your Own Cup?

Yes, they do, and in some of their stores, you might be offered a discount or incentive for it (ask for it when you bring your cup).
Dutch Bros allows its customers to use their cups for their drinks.

Will Dutch Bros Fill Reusable Cups?

Yes, Dutch Bros allows customers to bring their reusable cups for the drink they want to order.
With this practice, they promote sustainability and reduce single-use waste.

Can You Use 2 Free Drinks At Dutch Bros?

Dutch Bros generally allows customers to redeem one free drink per transaction or visit.
However, their policies regarding redeeming multiple beverages may vary due to the store location and the promotions they may have.

Final Thoughts

Now you know that Dutch Bros offers four different cup sizes: the kids’ cup size, small, medium, and large, but if you ask for an extra large cup size, you can have it too.

Plus, don’t forget that on your birthday, you can pick a free drink of any size you like?

The brand has adjusted these cup sizes to fit everyone’s taste, and they’ve done a good job so far, as millions of customers adore everything on their menu.

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