Dutch Bros Coffee Menu With Calories in 2024

Craving a classic? Dive into the silky caramel-espresso shot Caramelizer, the undisputed, top-listed drink of Dutch Bros. Working on a hot day?

Take a chill pill with a Nitro Cold Brew, where smooth coffee delivers that kick of ice, or go for the legendary Annihilator with 8 espresso shots bathed in mocha.

Forget boring brews, Dutch Bros Coffee Menu stirs up caffeine creations guaranteed to satisfy coffee connoisseurs.  

Beyond your average Americano, their menu has an extensive 14 handcrafted beverage categories (where five are dedicated to coffee).

From Dutch Classics to Dutch Freezes, each is a unique blend of strong beans, creamy textures, and explosive flavors.

But Dutch Bros isn’t just about caffeine kicks – it’s a playground of flavor. The Dutch Bros Menu is filled up with a handful of smoothies and milkshakes to unleash your inner child.

4 distinct flavor profiles – from nutty to fruity, creamy to bold –with satisfying cup sizes (16 oz for medium hot drinks and 24 oz for medium cold drinks)- Dutch Bros invites you to step into their caffeine heaven as we invite you to know all about Dutch Bros Coffee Menu.

What is The Most Popular Dutch Bros Coffee?

What is The Most Popular Dutch Bros Coffee?

Crowned champion of Dutch Bros is the Caramelizer. Layers of thick, luscious caramel syrup and rich espresso reign supreme with the perfect balance of caffeine kick and sugary treat.

The Golden Eagle Breve, a dreamy cup of caramel and vanilla in steamed breve topped with whipped cream holds the place for the second fan favorite.

The Annihilator, a chocolate macadamia nut mocha blend, is a close third. Hence it calls for the conclusion that the roast for a breve is liked by all when it comes to Dutch Bros.

Dutch Bros Coffee Classics (Iced & Hot)

ItemsSizeCalories (Iced)Calories (Hot)
Vanilla Cold Brew + ShineSmall180
Oat Milk LatteSmall140230
Cold BrewSmall2080

Dutch Bros Seasonal Drinks (Iced & Hot)

ItemsSizeCalories (Iced)Calories (Hot)
Salted Caramel Protein MochaSmall200290
Salted Caramel Protein LatteSmall190280
Vanilla Cold Brew + ShineSmall180
Midnight Rebel +ShineSmall280
Tropical Green Tea + ShineSmall180
Double Rainbro Soda + ShineSmall270
Electric Berry Lemonade + ShineSmall270

Dutch Faves (Iced & Hot)

ItemsSizeCalories (Iced)Calories (Hot)
Double TortureSmall240340
Golden EagleSmall340480

Dutch Faves Blended

Double TortureSmall470

Dutch Bros Blended Freeze 

Golden EagleSmall560

Dutch Bros Coffee Menu

Let’s get introduced to the featured drinks (with soft tops) for this holiday season. Get ready for a flavor rollercoaster!

Drinks nameFlavor Profile
Merry Mischief RebelHoliday colors inspired; blended with red berries and green apples
Hazelnut Truffle MochaGet this signature mix of strong espresso, rich chocolate milk and hazelnuts iced, hot or blended
Snow Cap FreezeCupcake and Coffee? A unique hybrid by Dutch Bros- with sprinkles!
Candy Cane
(Peppermint specials)
Cold Brew- An iced drink featuring chocolate milk and cold brew
Cocoa- This is the same drink but served hot!
Freeze- The regular peppermint drink, blended
Peppermint Bark Mocha (zero sugar)Go sugar-free with flavors from sugar free chocolates and peppermints with half and half espresso.

Now we’ll get into all sorts of morning kickstarts or afternoon recharges that Dutch Bros has to offer. From classics to new twists, they got it all covered.

Also they name all of their coffees and beverages in pretty obvious names with a neat categorization so you’ll be able to take your pick pretty easily.

Dutch CategoryTypeFlavor Profile
Dutch Classics
(Hot, iced or blended)
KickerA classic breve with espresso (half and half) and Irish cream
CaramelizerChocolate milk and caramel infused with espresso with whipped cream on top
AnnihilatorChocolate macadamia nut syrup and espresso. A nutty, chocolatey coffee blend
CocomoThe classic chocolatey coffee being extra with coconut syrup with whipped cream
Double TortureDouble the espresso shot paired with vanilla syrup and chocolate milk
9-1-1A bold coffee with six shots of espresso, infused with Irish cream syrup
Golden EagleTopped with whipped cream, a breve with espresso, vanilla and caramel
Dutch Freeze (Coffee blended with excellent flavor pairings)CaramelizerThese four are the fan favorites with caramel, vanilla and chocolate drizzles blended with shots of espresso and breve. That’s not all, other flavors include cookie, almond, banana, cake batter, creme de menthe, cinnamon, nuts and berries with exciting combinations and names.
Picture Perfect
Golden Eagle
Dutch Cold BrewCold BrewCaramelizer and white mocha, an icy escape on a hot day
Nitro-infusedCaramelizer, annihilator and Kicker with an extra kick of nitro
Americano The classic with twist from Dutch Bros for a refreshing feel

Since we’re focusing on coffees here, we won’t be discussing all the other kinds of drinks Dutch Bros offer. But oh boy, if we did so, it’d be a humongous list!

Well, here’s a sneak peek. Dutch Bros is an all-drink store. From hot cocoas to chill smoothies, to strong coffees from creamy teas- they got it all covered.

Apart from coffees, Dutch Bros have energy drinks, smoothies, milkshakes, teas, chai, lemonades, sodas, cocoas and goodies.

The thing with Dutch Bros is, they keep combining flavors until they make another hit, some mentionable flavors are; from Dutch Frost (or simply, shakes) you can get Cotton Candy (blue raspberry with white chocolate), or from the tea section, you can get a refreshing Tropical (passion fruit and other tropical flavors infused with green tea)

You can tell you’d explore as much in the coffee section too.

Dutch Bros Coffee Menu Prices

Dutch Bros Coffee Menu Prices

Good news for those who want to have quality coffee without breaking the bank- because you can get a small Americano for just around $2.

Or if a coffee won’t do for you, why not get a Rebel Freeze for only $6?

Want to hear another interesting thing? You can get medium drinks at only just $3 from 3pm to 9pm daily to fuel those lazy afternoons.

You can get amazing deals adverted in social media or in the app! For example, keep using the app for earning points.

With a validity for six months, you can win a free medium drink when you score 250 points. Earn some more, and with just 325 points, you’ll get any drink you want, unlimited.

Delivery Methods

In StoreNot available
Drive ThruAvailable (also available is walk-up services)
Home DeliveryNot available (Only items like blends and mugs for shopping are available for home delivery)
Curbside PickupNot available

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Why is Dutch Bros So Famous?

Needless to say, Dutch Bros is becoming more popular day by day. It’s an undeniable fact that their beans are roasted to perfection which always delivers a creamy, rich coffee.

Some underlying retrospect should be their rustic vibe with all the fun music and a cheaper price than some renowned coffee places.

You’ll hardly receive a delayed order delivery which means their crew management is well-off.

Also, part of their popularity lies in their strategy of being a heavy-duty drive-thru stop for your coffee breaks. Dutch Bros just easily fits into your busy schedule!

Why is it Called Dutch Bros Coffee?

One would see the name “Dutch bros” and think the name originates from an attempt to fit into modernistic society by using “Gen-z” terms.

While they may seem correct at hindsight, they are indeed, far from the truth, as the name has a much deeper meaning behind it.

It signifies the brand’s (founded in 1922) obvious Dutch roots as well as how successful the founding pair’s previous generation were at being utmost hardworking, and conscientious as to inspire their successors to carry on their name.

Their grandfather was praised for his diligence and meticulousness in work.

The name “Dutch Bros” doesn’t only serve the purpose of referring to the founder duo, but also is a tribute to their grandfather, since “Dutch bros” is brothers Dane and Travis Boersma’s grandfather’s nickname given by other farmers.

What Coffee Options Do Offer At Dutch Bros?

Dutch Bros offers a plethora of options to quench your thirst for caffeine and cocoa cravings. They have an umpteenth number of categories to choose from, you name it, they deliver!

Always grabbing the attention from customers with delicious featured drinks, just as much they offer icy chills like Cold Brews and Dutch Freeze, they take it up a notch with Dutch classics as well as their hot options such as Chai and Dutch Cocoa.

Their base with espresso and sometimes, breve, are brewed perfectly with quality beans.

If caffeine is not your forte, straight up play your dibs on their smoothies and lemonades. Feeling tired after a rough day? Dutch Bros got your back with their energy drinks.

What is Cheaper Starbucks Or Dutch Bros?

Even though Starbucks never fails to deliver premium quality coffee and has a much vaster option for serving customers, Dutch Bros makes it up with slim but worthy cutbacks on prices.

The $3 drink for a limited time of the day already makes the race a less competitive one.

The price ranges even with the Classics from both stores differ and it shows, with fewer cents less in Dutch Bros.

They also offer customizable drinks with the add-on drizzles and syrups being budget-friendly.

All of these make Dutch Bros a cheaper option than Starbucks as well as create a wider customer scale for the first one.

Final Thoughts

Dutch Bros should be your go-to addition in day-to-day life specially when you have to rush things on road and don’t have the pleasure of enjoying morning coffee at home.

Dutch Bros might also come in handy when you need a quick recharge on a daytrip.

With a bountiful of coffees, beverages and drinks- Dutch Bros is a fast, friendly and customizable drive-thru that brings affordability and quality in one place.

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