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Dunkin Coffee Menu With Prices 2024

Dunkin Donuts is one of the most popular fast-food chains; however, their coffee menu is as tempting as their donuts and range of snacks.

Dunkin’ has a pretty decent range of coffees on their menu whether you are a fan of a traditional cup of joe or looking for something refreshing like an iced latte.

They have a range of drinks to couple up with their famous, irresistible snacks. Especially, their coffee menu is one of the most diverse ones.

Ranging from their signature cold brews to hot and cold lattes, Americanos, Macchiatos, espressos, and cappuccinos, Dunkin serves a wide range of both traditional coffees and specialty coffees.

Besides, you can choose from a variety of customization options or included flavorings of your choice and have your coffee the way you like it.

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How Popular is Dunkin Donuts Coffee?

How Popular is Dunkin Donuts Coffee?

Dunkin’ Donuts is known for a unique, signature coffee flavor of their own which sets them apart from other coffee chains. They use 100% pure Arabica Beans as the base for their hot and cold coffee drinks.

However, every drink has a unique brewing process. Besides, additional flavor options give a distinctive taste to every coffee.

The unmatched taste of Dunkin’s coffee has made it a popular choice and this is why Dunkin’s customers stay loyal to it.

For instance, their Caramel Mocha and Toasted French Vanilla are among their most iconic coffee drinks.

Dunkin Coffee Menu Prices

Dunin coffee menu is popular for its diversity along with quality. Dunkin has a range of signature coffee drinks to offer both in hot and cold varieties.

Both their classic and specialty coffee drinks are made using 100% Arabica coffee beans as their coffee base. It is freshly brewed every morning using different brewing methods for every drink.

Furthermore, their flavor options let you personalize your cup according to your taste preferences. Here is a brief list of coffee varieties offered by Dunkin Donuts;

  • Hot Coffees
  • Iced Coffees
  • Hot and Iced lattes
  • Americanos
  • Espresso
  • Macchiatos
  • Cold brews
  • Cappuccinos
  • Frozen drinks
  • Teas

When it comes to flavors, they have different options. For example, their Pumpkin Spiced Latte is one of their most popular latte options having a taste profile that is unique to Dunkin Donuts.

Besides, their Signature Latte has a flavorful yet robust combination of whipped cream with espresso and warm frothy milk.

[N.B.] Price-sensitive information of certain Drinks (coffee/tea) items is subject to availability. However, you may contact your nearest Dunkin store to know more.

Dunkin Iced Coffee Menu

Cold BrewSmall $4.79
 Medium $5.19
 Large $5.39
Original Blend Iced CoffeeSmallRegular/ Decaf/ 1/2 Decaf$4.19
 MediumRegular/ Decaf/ 1/2 Decaf$4.49
 LargeRegular/ Decaf/ 1/2 Decaf$4.79
Iced CappuccinoSmallRegular/ Decaf$4.99
 MediumRegular/ Decaf$5.69
 LargeRegular/ Decaf$6.19
Iced LatteSmallRegular/ Decaf$4.99
 MediumRegular/ Decaf$5.69
 LargeRegular/ Decaf$6.19
Iced AmericanoSmallRegular/ Decaf$4.69
 MediumRegular/ Decaf$5.09
 LargeRegular/ Decaf$5.39
Iced MacchiatoSmallRegular/ Decaf$5.29
 MediumRegular/ Decaf$5.89
 LargeRegular/ Decaf$6.39

Dunkin Hot Coffee Menu

Dunkin’ MidnightSmall $3.49
 Medium $3.89
 Large $4.09
 X-Large $4.39
Original BlendSmallRegular/ Decaf/ 1/2 Decaf$3.49
 MediumRegular/ Decaf/ 1/2 Decaf$3.89
 LargeRegular/ Decaf/ 1/2 Decaf$4.09
 X-LargeRegular/ Decaf/ 1/2 Decaf$4.39
CappuccinoSmallRegular/ Decaf$4.39
 MediumRegular/ Decaf$4.99
 LargeRegular/ Decaf$5.49
LatteSmallRegular/ Decaf$4.39
 MediumRegular/ Decaf$4.99
 LargeRegular/ Decaf$5.49
AmericanoSmallRegular/ Decaf$4.09
 MediumRegular/ Decaf$4.49
 LargeRegular/ Decaf$4.69
MacchiatoSmallRegular/ Decaf$4.69
 MediumRegular/ Decaf$5.29
 LargeRegular/ Decaf$5.79
Shot of EspressoSingleRegular/ Decaf$1.89
 DoubleRegular/ Decaf$2.89
 TripleRegular/ Decaf$4.19
Chai LatteSmall $4.79
 Medium $5.39
 Large $5.89
Matcha LatteSmall $4.79
 Medium $5.39
 Large $5.89
Box O’ Joe Hot Chocolate  $28.79
Hot Chocolate  $4.19
Box O’ Joe Original/Midnight/Decaf$26.29

Dunkin Frozen Coffee Menu

Matcha LatteSmall$5.39
(Strawberry/ Raspberry/ Vanilla Bean)

Dunkin Tea Menu

Decaf BreakfastSmall/ Medium/ Large/ X-Large$3.89
Bold Breakfast BlackSmall$3.49
 Medium  $3.89
Hibiscus Tea – Caffeine FreeSmall$3.49
Harmony Leaf GreenSmall$3.49
 Medium  $3.89
Cool Mint Herbal InfusionSmall$3.49
 Medium  $3.89
Chamomile Mint Herbal InfusionSmall$3.49

Dunkin Refreshers and Teas

Dunkin’ Refreshers  
Mango Pineapple LemonadeSmall$4.29
Mango PineappleSmall$4.29
Mango Pineapple CoconutSmall$4.89
Strawberry Dragonfruit CoconutSmall$4.89
Strawberry Dragonfruit LemonadeSmall$4.29
Strawberry DragonfruitSmall$4.29
Iced Tea (Black/Green)Small$3.69
Iced Matcha LatteSmall$5.39
Iced Chai LatteSmall$5.39

What is a Good Iced Coffee at Dunkin’?

their iced coffees are a delightful combination of espresso and milk with some heavenly flavor options.

Here is a brief description of their cold brewed and iced varieties along with flavor options;

Coffee TypeDescriptionFlavor Options or Additional Toppings
Iced CoffeeA combination of Espresso and milkPeppermint mocha swirlToasted white chocolate swirlPumpkin swirlButter pecan swirlFrench Vanilla SwirlMocha Swirl
Cold BrewedBrewed using the slow brewing process with Arabica beans for smooth and rich notes of chocolaty flavorOriginal cold brew with a natural chocolaty flavor
Iced AmericanoDouble shot espresso with waterOriginal iced Americano
Iced LatteMilk and espresso with an option to add whipped cream.Toasted White Chocolate SwirlPeppermint Mocha SwirlPumpkin SwirlButter Peca SwirlCaramel CrazeCocoa MochaCaramel SwirlFrench Vanilla SwirlMocha Swirl
Signature Iced LatteA combination of espresso and milk.Caramel Craze LatteWhipped CreamCaramel drizzle

Does Dunkin Serve Frappes?

Certainly, they do serve frappes at selected locations. Their frappes are a mixture of bold espresso shots with milk and ice. It is then topped with whipped cream to give it a silky creamy flavor.

These frappes are mostly available in caramel, strawberry, and chocolate flavors and are served in regular and large sizes.

However, Dunkin Donuts offers their frappes in selected locations within selected countries.


What is The Best Coffee At Dunkin?

The toasted French Vanilla Iced Latte is one of their most praised coffee variations at Dunkin, especially for those who love flavorful iced coffees.

Which Dunkin Coffee is Sweet?

Butter Pecan Swirl Frozen coffee is a silky, sweet, and indulgent flavor. Besides, you can ask them to add sugar to any of your favorite coffees. Their original coffee blend has just a subtle sweet flavor.

What Dunkin Drink Has The Most Coffee?

Their large Iced Coffee has the most coffee with a caffeine content of 400 mg.

Why is Dunkin Coffee Better?

At Dunkin, they mix a variety of beans together for a robust taste which is unique to Dunkin. Each of their coffee drinks is made using different brewing techniques.

What is a Regular Coffee At Dunkin?

It means a coffee with cream and sugar added to it rather than a decaffeinated or sugar-free version.

What Kind of Coffee is Dunkin Original?

It is a medium-roasted coffee derived from 100% original Arabica coffee beans which is unique to Dunkins.

Final Thoughts

Dunkin Donuts’ coffee menu is not only diverse but has unmatched taste as well.

Their brewing process, which is unique for each drink, and flavorful additions make their coffee too addictive to be resisted.

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