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Does Whataburger Have Coffee?

Whataburger is one of the oldest and one of the most popular fast food chains, however, did you know they serve coffee as well? Whataburger has one of the simplest and yet addictive coffee menus.

It might not be among the very diverse coffee menus but it certainly is among the addictive ones. Where many of you would like to have some variety on the menu, some prefer to have limited, but quality choices as they believe, the simpler the better.

Whataburger has been serving its customers for a good 70 years with a range of scrumptious burgers, sandwiches, grilled items, and other fast-food menu items.

It enjoys a huge base of loyal customers who have enjoyed Whataburger’s classic taste for years. However, the fast-food chain introduced a coffee menu just a few years back.

What Kind of Coffee Does Whataburger Sell?

Whataburger serves high-quality, potent, Columbian coffee. It is brewed fresh every morning and is served in medium, small, and large sizes. They sell both regular and decaf coffees.

If you are a fan of traditional strong and robust taste and like your coffee served piping hot, that’s the type of coffee they serve at Whataburger.

They might not be on the top of the list when it comes to flavor options, however, Whataburger is certainly a preferable option when it comes to taste and strength.

Does Whataburger Have Coffee?

Although coffee is not something for which they are widely known, Whataburger does offer coffee as part of their menu. They have a very rich and robust coffee made with Colombian coffee beans.

They do not have a range of flavors available but their coffee is a decent one to have with a snack and call it a meal. Whataburger offers traditional, old-fashioned coffee in small, medium, and larger sizes. They have regular coffee and decaffeinated coffee available on their menu.

Coffee TypeSize and Price
Regular coffeeSmall $1.59 Medium $1.89 Large $2.19
Coffee decafSmall $1.59 Medium $1.89 Large $2.19

Does Whataburger Have Iced Coffee?

One of the major loopholes in Whataburger’s coffee menu is that they do not offer iced coffee, but have milkshakes which will be found as chocolate shakes on Grubhub and their website menu. You can also grab frozen and cold tea and shakes at Whataburger.

Against the backdrop of the ever-increasing popularity of iced caffeinated drinks, this can be considered a serious limitation.

However, although they only have a very limited coffee menu. They might expand it in the future to include colder variations as well.

This is because any coffee menu without iced coffee is incomplete. Let’s hope that they diversify their coffee menu in the future to include a few options in iced coffee as well.

Back in 2017, They launched Coffee Milkshake but only for a limited time. Still, now they have it or not, for details contact Whataburger.

Where is The Biggest Whataburger in The World?

The biggest Whataburger in the world is located at Corpus Christi in Texas. It encompasses a 6000 square feet area and has a magnificent view of the bay.

It is a two-story building and this Whataburger is the very first one built back in 1999. This beautiful store has rooftop seating as well to let their customers enjoy the view to the fullest.

In order to find the closest Whataburger to your specific location, you can use their store locator through this link.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Whataburger so popular?

It is popular for its scrumptious fast food items including burgers, sandwiches, etc. it is one of the oldest fast-food restaurants with a loyal customer base.

Is Whataburger worth the hype?

yes, if you are looking for quality and variety together in a fast-food menu, along with great customer service, Whataburger is a place to be.

What is Whataburger most famous for?

It is most famous for its hamburgers and cheese burgers especially their signature Whataburger with cheese.

Is Whataburger only located in Texas?

No, it has more than 850 locations in around 10 states in the US.

Is Whataburger Dr Pepper Shake Seasonal?

Yes, since its introduction in 2019, Dr Pepper Shake has always been introduced for a limited time every time.

How big is a large cup at Whataburger?

Their large cup is 32 ounces in capacity. However, for coffee, the large cup means 20 ounces.

Final Thoughts

Whataburger has one of the simplest coffee menus but their coffee goes well with any of their snacks or meals. They use robust Columbian coffee as their base in coffee drinks.

Whataburger, at the moment, is offering both regular and decaf coffee. However, their coffee menu is lacking in variety. Especially when we talk about iced varieties, they do not have anything to offer yet.

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