Does Starbucks Take Google Pay?

YOU’VE been craving that Iced Caramel Macchiato so you head to Starbucks nearest you. You’re this close to satisfaction, but when you reach into your pocket, a chilling realization…

Uh, oh… You forgot your wallet. And it doesn’t help that all your money and cards are in there too.

Now what? Luckily, you have your phone with you. And even luckier because money is not an issue with Starbucks at all – at least not cash.

In this article, we’ll talk about Google Wallet – one of the easiest and most convenient cashless ways to make purchases and payments at Starbucks. 

How To Use Google Pay on Starbucks

Note: Google Wallet is the new name of Google Pay

Does Starbucks Accept Google Pay?

YOU likely already have the Starbucks App if you’re a fan. But if you don’t already do, it would be nice to download it for starters. Your favorite mode of payment is entirely up to you.

However, if scenarios similar to the one above happen more frequently than you’d like to admit, may we suggest installing Google Wallet as well?

It is highly compatible with Android users. For iPhone users, anything with an iOS 10.0 or higher works too.

With the Starbucks App, you can use Google Pay to reload your Starbucks card. Otherwise, just buy a coffee and go.

How To Use Google Pay on Starbucks?

Follow these steps to use Google Pay at Starbucks: Download Google Wallet via Play Store or the App Store.

Link your card:

  • Launch the app, and log in using your Google credentials 
  • Once logged in, click “View Wallet”
  • Click “Add a Card” 
  • Click “New credit or debit card” – there are two ways to do this:
  • Scan with your camera for cards with QR codes
  • Click “Enter details manually” otherwise. 
  • Read the terms and conditions, then click “Accept.”
  • Verify your card via text or bank app – this is up to you.
  • You may click “Set as default” to make access easier.

 You can now use Google Pay at Starbucks!

  • Open Google Wallet and select a card. This is not necessary if you set the app as default.
  • Hold your phone against the contactless terminal.
  • Your payment is successful if you hear a tone and see “APPROVED” in the terminal.

Hey, that was pretty neat!

Does Starbucks Drive Thru Take Google Pay?

NOW for those of you who are always on the go, there’s good news: You can use Google Pay at any Starbucks Drive Thru.

Just drive by, make your order, and transact contactless via Google Pay. All this with a tap on your phone!

You may even be thinking at this point, “Well, it doesn’t get any more convenient than that.” Well then, you’re in for a more pleasant surprise.

If you want to skip the line entirely, you can order ahead via the Starbucks App. Just select your beverage or bread of choice, then pull in the drive-thru. Use Google Pay when you pick up.­­­

How To Pay With Google Pay Using Starbucks App?

You also have the option to pay directly via the Starbucks App. It uses your Starbucks Card credits whenever you make payments.

You may reload your card via Google Pay using the same steps already mentioned; tap and pay with your Google Wallet at any Starbucks location.

Here’s another way to link a card directly to the app:

Click on the profile icon. Select “Payment Methods,” then “Add credit card/debit card details.” You will be prompted to name the card. 

Enter details including the card number, validity date, and security code. Then, tap “Save Card.” You have now successfully added a payment method.

What Are The Other Payment Methods at Starbucks?

Finally, here is a list of other modes of payment accepted by Starbucks

  • Cash – good old cash is still accepted and is always an option
  • Starbucks Card – whether you’re paying through the app or with your physical card, this is always something you can go to
  • Apple Pay – for iPhone and iOS users out there, you have this at your disposal whether you want to reload via app or in-store
  • PayPal, and Venmo – for these two modes of payment you may use their respective mobile apps or through starbucks.com/card. You may also link these accounts directly to the Starbucks App.
  • Credit Cards and Debit Card – link your chosen card to the Starbucks App and you’re good to go. Simply swipe away if you’re making a purchase in a physical store.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Pay Starbucks With Google Pay?

Definitely! Download Google Wallet and link your preferred cards. After setting up, you may now use Google Pay to make purchases at Starbucks.

Can I Use My Phone to Pay at Starbucks?

You can pay with your phone in two ways: Google Pay and the Starbucks App. Make payments via contactless terminals in physical stores. With the Starbucks App, you may pay right away upon ordering.

What Places Take Google Pay? 

While definitely not exhaustive, other known brands that accept Google Pay include Airbnb, KFC, and Uber.

Can You Tap to Pay at Starbucks?

Pay with Google Wallet by tapping your phone at contactless terminals in physical stores.

Does Starbucks Accept Paypal?

You may make Paypal payments via the mobile app, or at starbucks.com/card

Final Thoughts

Aside from your obvious penchant for Starbucks, there’s much to love about Google Pay. It’s convenient, portable, user-friendly, compatible, and… did I mention convenient?

As for your wallet forgetfulness, forget about it! But do yourself a favor – always check your belongings, get yourself Google Wallet, and finally, use Google Pay.

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