Does McDonald’s Take Google Pay?

It’s been a while now since the popular fast-food chain McDonald’s has embraced the benefits of modern technology, and Google Pay has proved to be one of their available payment options.

Yes, you got it right! Now, whenever you go to McDonald’s, feel free to empty your pockets of money and forget about your credit cards.

All you need is to take your phone with you and take advantage of paying with Google Pay. And the best part is that the Google Pay option is free to use, secure, and very user-friendly.

Follow us through as we answer the questions to all of your queries concerning this topic!

Does McDonalds Accept Google Pay

Does McDonald’s Accept Google Pay?

Yes, it does! Generally, McDonald’s accepts Google Pay as a viable payment method.

Apart from the traditional payment methods, McDonald’s also accepts digital wallets like Google Pay, and its customers can use this payment option at the counter, at drive-thru locations, and even at the self-service kiosk machines.

However, you should always check with that specific McDonald’s you plan to visit to ensure they accept Google Pay. Some McDonalds may have different payment policies, so you should always check that first.

How To Use Google Pay At McDonald’s?

To use Google Pay at McDonald’s is as simple as using any other type of card, credit or debit. The steps to do it are very straightforward regardless of whether you are at the restaurant or the drive-thru.

At The Restaurant

  • Make your McDonald’s order.
  • Open the Google Pay app on your smartphone or another device.
  • Place your device over the contactless card reader. Wait a few seconds; a blue tick should appear on your screen. Follow other instructions as prompted.

At The Drive-Thru

  • If you want to use Google Pay at the drive-thru, tell the cashier that you wish to pay with it; they will show you the contactless card reader. You know the drill, as it is the same as the one mentioned above.
  • Open the Google Pay app on your device. Place the app over the card reader. Wait till the transaction goes through.
  • After the transaction, you should get a notification for it, and your phone will ping. It is a confirmation that the payment went through.

Important Note: You cannot use Google Pay with the McDonald’s app.

Can You Tap To Pay At McDonalds

Can You Tap To Pay At McDonald’s?

Yes, you can! Many McDonald’s locations accept contactless payment methods, including tapping to pay with your smartphone or other device you may be using (including smartwatches).

At McDonald’s, you can pay by tapping. And use payment options like Apply Pay, Google Pay, and other contactless credit or debit cards.

However, keep in mind that not all McDonald’s locations accept these payment options, so first, you’ll need to confirm with the specific McDonald’s you want to visit.

What Payment System Does Mcdonalds Use?

McDonald’s customers have several payment options as their payment system offers various options.

Apart from traditional payment methods like cash, credit, and debit cards, there are also modern digital payment options.

The modern payment options available through mobile payment apps are Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, and even PayPay and Venmo.

Important Note: The PayPal payment method is only available on the McDonald’s app.

Does McDonald’s Drive Thru Take Google Pay?

Yes, McDonald’s drive-thru locations typically accept different payment methods, including Google Pay.

But, before you visit a specific McDonald’s drive-thru, it’s better to check whether that particular drive-thru accepts that payment option.

Even though Google Pay has become a very popular payment method that is available in most McDonald’s locations, there might still be some locations that haven’t adopted this payment method yet.

It may vary because some McDonald’s drive-thru locations can have slightly different payment policies.

Final Thoughts

As a wrap-up, let’s confirm once again that Google Pay is accepted in many McDonald’s locations; however, this may vary for some locations.

We advise you always to check whether they accept this kind of payment method at the McDonald’s you want to visit first!

The best part is that this payment method is fast, convenient, user-friendly, and free to use.

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