Does GrubHub Deliver Starbucks? YES, It Does

Starbucks, besides other delivery platforms, has partnered with GrubHub, one of the most reliable and widest delivery networks. GrubHub is known for its fast and reliable delivery, wide network covering a huge number of cities, and particularly for ease of use when it comes to navigating its app. 

Yearning for a classic Starbucks joe, but don’t feel like leaving your comfort zone today? Let them come to you. GrubHub covers a wide range of Starbucks outlets whether it is a local store near you or one of their most famous national stores, they’ve got you covered with their wide network of delivery services. 

One of the reasons why people choose Grubhub is that it covers lots of restaurants both cheap and expensive, and everything in between. Besides, using their app is simple and easy like a breeze. However, one of the downsides of using Grubhub is that you may find it a bit expensive as compared to its competitors. 

Is Starbucks on Grubhub?

Is Starbucks on Grubhub?

Starbucks, being one of the largest and most popular coffee chains with a huge customer base across the country, has partnered with almost all popular food delivery platforms including Grubhub.

This ensures that their customers can easily order from anywhere and get their favorite Starbucks coffee and snack delivered quickly and hot to their doorsteps.

Although Grubhub covers most of the locations for Starbucks in and around all the major cities, the rates and availability times may vary slightly from one location to the other.

At the moment, Grubhub delivers Starbucks to as many as 45 cities and is trying to expand its network further.

How To Order From Grubhub Starbucks?

One of the reasons why Grubhub is preferred by many is that its app is very easy to use.

It is simple to navigate and you can even customize your orders the way you like them.

Besides, almost everything available on the selected location can be ordered by Grubhub until it is a ‘food or beverage’. In other words, you cannot order the accessories like mugs tumblers, etc. 

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to order from Starbucks through Grubhub:

  • Install the Grubhub app and sign up. 
  • Enter your address and select Starbucks as your restaurant choice.
  • The app will show you the available location from where you can get your food delivered
  • Select your location
  • Choose your preferred items from their menu
  • Customize your order from the options alongside
  • Confirm your order

You can make payment through a credit card. Grubhub also accepts payments through PayPal, Android Pay, eGift, and cash. 


Benefits of Using Grubhub

Grubhub is being endorsed by many across the country as their preferred platform when it comes to food delivery. Although it has been facing tough competition lately from its competitors, Grubhub has managed to be a popular choice. Here is why:

  • It has an easy-to-navigate app and simple ordering process
  • Grubhub is among the widest food delivery networks which covers all major cities and most of the restaurants.
  • It provides you with unlimited options ranging from some of the cheapest to most expensive restaurants.
  • Grubhub keeps coming up with hefty discounts and alluring coupons and offers. 
  • It allows you to customize your orders and the entire menu of the restaurant is at your disposal while using the Grubhub app. 
  • They support a variety of payment options

Fees and Additional Costs of Using Gurbhub

With all the factors included like app markup, tip to the delivery driver, Grubhub service charges, etc. the total average fee charged by Grubhub for a Starbucks order can be around $5. 

However, in many cities, it may be well below $3. While for some locations it can be up to $7. So, it can vary from one location to the other. It can be a bit too much especially when you are ordering for a single person. 

Besides, there is usually a minimum order limit. If your order is below that, you’ll need to add more items or pay an extra fee. In most cases, for Grubhub, that minimum spend limit is set at $10 per order.

If your order is below $10, Grubhub may charge a ‘small order delivery fee’ which may fluctuate from one location to the other but usually, it is $2. 

How Do You Pay with Starbucks on Grubhub App?

One of the benefits you get by using Grubhub is that they accept a wide range of payment options. This is to ensure ease for the customers.

For example, you can make payments by using Apple Pay, Android Pay, eGift Card, Credit card, etc. Or else, if you don’t prefer any of these digital payment methods, simply go for the cash payment upon receiving your order. 

How to Use Starbucks Gift Card on Grubhub?

Grubhub allows you to pay for your order using a Starbucks gift card. Follow these easy steps:

  • In your Grubhub App, select the ‘My Grubhub’ option.
  • You’ll see a gear icon on the top, select it.
  • Select the gift card option 
  • Now follow the instructions and you’ll be asked to enter the code for your gift card. 
  • Once entered, the balance will be added to your account.

How to Get Discount or Promo Code Grubhub?

There are several ways of saving money through discounts on Grubhub. For example, sign up for Grubhub+ and get free deliveries for the entire month. They even give you discounts on your first order. Or you can sign up for Grubhub points for free food. 

Grubhub Vs Door Dash

Where both these platforms offer a wide range of delivery options from most of the country’s major eateries, they might vary slightly in pricing and services. Let’s have a candid comparison between the two:

CriteriaGrubhub Doordash
PriceThere can be many decisive factors, but usually, Grubhub is cheaper, especially for bigger orders. They even offer free delivery for the month for subscribers. Doordash can be a bit costly although the difference is mostly negligible.
Real time trackingavailableavailable
NetworkGrubhub delivers in more or less 160 different cities in the US and has a fairly large number of restaurants as its partners. Real-time tracking

Can I Use Starbucks Gift Card on Grubhub?

Yes, you are given an option on Grubhub’s app to use a Starbucks gift card. You will be asked to enter the code ‘My Grubhub’ and the balance will be added to the account after following a few simple instructions. 

How To Customize Grubhub Starbucks Order?

You can get customization options as if you were at the Starbucks store. With every item you choose to add to the cart, you will be asked to select the customization options according to your preference whether it is the creamer flavor or the type of topping you like, and of course the cup size etc.

Moreover, you can add or remove the items from the cart as well, or edit one of the items by clicking on it.


Grubhub offers one of the most reliable delivery services for Starbucks. It has a wide network and it offers delivery from most of the major branches of Starbucks.

However, its charges may vary according to location. Grubhub’s mobile app is one of the easiest ones to navigate making the ordering process hassle-free and quick. 

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