Does Dutch Bros Take EBT?

Only have your EBT card to pay for your Golden Eagle at Dutch Bros at checkout.

Well, we hate to be the bad news bearer, but Dutch Bros. doesn’t accept EBT cards as they’re not classified as a grocery store.

EBT cards, or SNAP benefits, are a popular choice in the US to access food assistance benefits provided by SNAP- therefore, SNAP benefits.

In order to make use of this card, food items need to be from authorized grocery stores.

While some states allow using EBT for hot prepared food by certain retailers, Dutch Bros wouldn’t fall under these exceptions.

For this conditioned usage, we’d suggest you get yourself Dutch Bros using a regular debit/credit card. Don’t forget the gift card options with exciting deals!

Can You Buy Coffee With EBT Card

Can You Buy Coffee With EBT Card?

Can you really buy coffee with food stamps/EBT? The answer is yes, when the coffee is unprepared- which brings us to coffee blends.

It’s important to note that EBT can’t be accepted for hot food or beverages; prepared coffee, unfortunately, falls under the category that leads us to this restriction.

While the ready-to-fix caffeine items are not available to be purchased with EBT, the prepackaged, freshly roasted coffee grounds are always available to buy from the store.

All in all, products labeled as ‘hot’ don’t fall under the rules of the SNAP benefits (look out for flavored coffees/ added sweeteners, too!)

But hey, who knows? Your home-brewed coffee might just become your new favorite ritual!

Does Dutch Bros Accept EBT?

Short answer: no. First of all, Dutch Bros isn’t your regular grocery store; two, they sell prepared coffee, which goes against the EBT usage prerequisites.

Prepared coffee is labeled as a ‘hot’ food item, which sadly keeps the EBT away. If you still crave a caffeine fix (if not in Dutch Bros), there are options we can think of.

The possibilities are limited, and it’s always better to check with the authorities to see if you can really use EBT cards to enjoy a hot coffee.

Certain states run Pilot programs allowing EBT purchases at authorized markets that sell hot prepared food; if you’re lucky, you can also purchase a coffee! The same goes for EBT-approved cafes within the supermarket/grocery store.

What Forms of Payment Do Dutch Bros Accept?

While the question of whether you can pay at Dutch Brod with EBT or not has been answered, another question might peek through, ‘If not EBT, then what?’

Fret not, coffee-soldiers! Dutch Bros allows a variety of payment options for your convenience.

The Broistas can accept customer payment via cash, credit/debit cards, Dutch Bros gift cards, mobile wallets, Venmo/PayPal, etc.- well, that’s something if not EBT!

We always recommend checking with the store about what kind of payment options they offer.

How To Pay At Dutch Bros?

If you’re unsure about the many options Dutch Bros allows you to pay at the checkout, here’s a quick guide so you can prep for the caffeine fix ASAP!

01. Cash

The traditional method is just to shove up some bucks from your wallet.

02. Credit/Debit Card

Simply swipe up your cards at the counter, another traditional method like cash.

03. Gift Cards

This allows rather a controlled expenditure; usually prepaid. Visit the gift of the Dutch for legit options.

04. Mobile Wallets

Digital versions of your credit/debit cards; as well as loyalty cards. This is a contactless option where you just need to link your cards to Apple Pay, Google Pay, or Samsung Pay.

You just need to hold the phone near the contactless reader.

05. Venmo/PayPal

Great option if you’re splitting bills and want to gain traction for online purchases.

Tell you what, use the store locator of Dutch Bros to ask them any questions you have regarding food items, or payment options.

Not all Dutch Bros have all the options available all the time, so it’s better to be on the safe side.

Normally there aren’t a lot many cases where there were issues with payment in Dutch Bros, so we can ensure that your experience would be seamless too (except for EBTs!)

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