Does Dutch Bros Have Gift Cards?

Dutch Bros is one of the most popular coffee chains with great products. But does Dutch Bros have their gift cards? If that’s a question in your mind, then yes, the brand has gift cards.

You can find Dutch Bros gift cards at the company’s site and send them to friends and family. You can also use the cards to buy coffee and other food items.

Using gift cards from Dutch Bros can be beneficial. You can control your expenditure and not overspend.

Gift cards are also helpful during special occasions like Christmas, Birthdays, and Anniversaries. You can send these to loved ones instead of buying other gifts.

Besides, you can use the cards for payment during emergencies or when you don’t have enough funds.

Do Dutch Bros Locations Sell Gift Cards

Do Dutch Bros Locations Sell Gift Cards?

Yes, you can get physical gift cards at Dutch Bros locations. If you’re considering buying Dutch Bros gift cards, visit one in your area. 

According to the official site, all Dutch Bros outlets have gift cards. If a specific store doesn’t have them, it’s only because they ran out of the cards. They’ll restock fast, and you can purchase them the next time. 

Does Dutch Bros Have Gift Cards?

As mentioned in the beginning the answer is a huge yes. The popular coffee chain has gift cards in various denominations. 

Depending on requirements, you can buy gift cards from $5 to $100. You can buy the gift cards in three ways mentioned below.


Almost all Dutch Bros stores have gift cards. If there are locations nearby, you can visit the nearest.

The gift cards start from $5 to $100, so you can select and buy any amount. You can buy stuff with the cards or gift them to loved ones.

Online Purchase

You can also buy gift cards from the company’s website. You can redeem the cards at any location or Dutch Bros app. As in stores, you can choose the denominations as required.

Local Stores

Shops selling Dutch Bros items in your area may also keep gift cards. So, when you visit local stores, ask if they have Dutch Bros gift cards.

Does Dutch Bros Have E Gift Cards?

Earlier, Dutch Bros only had physical gift cards. But now, the coffee chain has digital gift cards too. Hence, if anyone wonders, “Does Dutch Bros have e gift cards?” the answer is positive. 

Customers can purchase the e-gift cards on the Dutch Bros site. They can send the digital cards as gifts to loved ones or use them whenever needed.

As per the official site, e gift cards range from $10 to $100. So, you can select the denomination as per your needs. 

Can You Add Dutch Bros Gift Card To App?

Yes, you can add the Dutch Bros gift card (s) to the Dutch Bros app. It’s a simple procedure; you can complete it in a few minutes. But first, make sure to install the app. You can do it as described below:

  • Click on the Dutch Bros app.
  • Go to Dutch Pass.
  • Click on “Add Money” first and next on “Payment Method”.
  • Select “choose payment method” if you have never added money.
  • Click payment method if you have done it before. 
  • Tapping the icon will bring you to the “payment options” page.
  • Next, choose “Transfer Money from Gift Card” and continue with the next instructions.

Important Links of Dutch Bros

Contact InfoSite Link
Official Websitewww.dutchbros.com
Gift Cards Websitewww.dutchbros.com/gift-cards
Shop Siteshop.dutchbros.com
Phone(541) 474-5549

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Dutch Have Physical Gift Cards?

Yes, Dutch Bros has physical gift cards.

What Forms of Payment Does Dutch Bros Take?

Dutch Bros accepts several payment options like Google Pay, Samsung Pay, Venmo, PayPal, Apple Pay, Dutch Bros gift cards, and credit and debit cards.

How Do You Know How Much is on a Gift Card?

Gift cards usually have the amount written on them. You can also go to the page “Gift Card Balance” and tap on the gift section.
Next, tap on the gift card balance. The card number is below the QR code. Type in the number and check the balance.

Can I Gift Dutch Bros Points?

According to the official website, you can’t gift Dutch Bros points.

Can I Add Dutch Bros to Apple Wallet?

Yes, you can add Dutch Bros to Apple Wallet.

Does Dutch Bro Accept Cash?

Dutch Bros accepts cash, cards, and other digital payment methods.

Final Thoughts

Dutch Bros not only offers delicious coffee and other items, but they also have gift cards for everyone.

Whether you want to boost your funds, buy food and drinks, or send gifts, gift cards are awesome to have. All Dutch Bros locations accept physical and digital gift cards, so you can use them anywhere.

You can transfer money from the e-gift card to your Dutch Bros app. Or you can show the QR code of a digital gift to the person in charge at the counter. 

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