Do Mcdonalds Frappes Have Coffee in Them?

Are you curious to know “Do Mcdonalds Frappes have coffee in them?” If so, this article is for you with detailed information about McDonald’s frappes.

Generally, McDonald’s frappes have a bit of coffee in them but in smaller proportions as compared to their regular coffees. However, its frappes are creamier, frothier, chilled, delicious in taste, and come with a mouth-watering aroma. 

Before we go into details about it, let’s first learn about what a frappe actually is. So, a frappe is an iced cold beverage that is blended, frothy, aromatic, and energy-boosting. In taste, it tastes like a chilled frothy coffee but it is not high in its caffeine levels.

McDonald’s frappes come in two amazing flavors. The first flavor is “Mocha Frappe” and the second flavor is “Caramel Frappe”. Both of these are people’s favorite and most-selling ones.

Especially, the caramel flavor in its frappe is the most popular due to its incredibly delicious taste, creaminess, quality, and aroma.

Do Mcdonalds Frappes Have Coffee?

What is McDonald’s Frappe Made of?

McDonald’s frappes are made up of premium quality, nutrition-filled, and taste-rich ingredients. For preparing its caramel flavor frappe, McDonald’s uses caramel coffee base, ice, sugar, caramel drizzle, and whipped cream.

Its Mocha frappe is made up of a frappe base of mocha coffee, ice, chocolate flavor, sugar, chocolate drizzle, and whipped cream. It also uses skim milk, corn syrup, and natural or artificial flavors in them.

Do Mcdonalds Frappes Have Coffee?

A number of coffee lovers question “Do Mcdonalds Frappes have coffee in them?” So, the answer is, “Yes”! Mcdonald’s frappes have coffee in them which makes them the most delicious and aromatic.  However, the fractions of coffee in these frappes are not much higher.

All of the frappe flavors at McDonald’s contain a good mix of coffee and other nutritious ingredients. You will look thoroughly into these ingredients in the next section of this article.

However, just keep in mind that these frappes are not higher in caffeine due to containing less ground coffee base. If you are addicted to strong coffee to kick start your day, you must opt for regular McCafe coffee.

Besides, you can choose these frappes to give a fresh start to your day. Although these frappes contain lighter coffee proportions, they are nutritious enough to boost your energy levels for the day!

Comparison of Mcdonald’s Frappes

Thinking about trying the McDonald’s frappe but don’t know which one to choose? Don’t worry, here is a simple comparison table to help you look deep into each frappe flavor at McDonald’s. It would help you choose the best McDonald’s frappe flavor for you on your next visit. 

Frappe FlavorsIngredientsTastePopularity
CaramelSkim and condensed milk, sugar, caramel coffee base, corn syrup, natural/artificial flavors, ice, water, whipped cream, and caramel drizzle, etc.Sweet and coldVery Popular
MochaCocoa, cream, water, skim milk, sugar, Mocha coffee base, corn syrup, natural/artificial flavors, ice, chocolate drizzle, etc.Sweet and coldPopular

How Much Coffee is in Mcdonald’s Frappe?

At McDonald’s, there are three sizes of frappes from which you can choose any one of your choice. Depending on the size and flavor of its frappes, the coffee and caffeine content also varies.

On a general note, McDonald’s frappes contain approximately 0.047g – 0.189g of caffeine in one serving size.

The small serving size of McDonald’s frappe contains about 100mg of coffee. The medium size contains about 125 mg while the large size contains approx. 180mg of coffee. However, this ratio may vary depending on which flavor you choose.

Popular Mcdonalds Frappe Recipe

If you want to prepare a McDonald’s frappe at home using an easy-to-follow and simple guide, here it is.

Step 1: Prepare Coffee Base

First of all, you will prepare the popular McDonald’s caramel coffee frappe base. For this, take 0.5 tablespoon of caramel flavor instant coffee and mix it with 1 tablespoon hot water. Stir them well and set aside. 

Step 2: Add Ingredients

Now, take a fast and high-speed blender. Add ice, coffee frappe base, skimmed milk, sugar, caramel syrup, and corn syrup into the blender.

Step 3: Blend Until Smooth

Turn on the blender and blend all of these ingredients well with each other.

Step 4: Add Topping And Enjoy

Pour the blended mixture into a tall glass and use premium whipped cream as topping. Then, add some caramel syrup on top and enjoy it cold. You will feel the real McDonald’s caramel frappe flavor in every single sip!

What Machine Does Mcdonald’s Use To Make Frappes?

McDonald’s uses Multiplex blend-in cup manual fill for preparing its frappes. This machine can easily prepare up to three frappes at a single time within seconds. Moreover, this is a touch-screen machine with automatic and manual controls which makes frappe preparation easier and quicker.

Besides, this machine also includes a large refrigerator compartment for ice which is a key ingredient in frappes. It allows you to store up to 25 pounds of crushed ice in it for preparing frappes and other cold beverages e.g. slushes.

Also, McDonald’s gives proper training to its employees to use these machines along with providing them with premium quality ingredients. All of these factors combine to offer a splendid beverage experience for customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will a Frappe Wake Me Up?

Yes, a frappe can wake you up because it does contain caffeine which plays its role immediately after consumption.

Does Mcdonald’s Mocha Frappe Have Coffee in it?

Yes, McDonald’s mocha frappes contain a hint of coffee and a coffee frappe base.

Is Mcdonald’s Frappe Caffeine Free?

As there is real ground coffee used in its frappes, they are not completely caffeine-free. However, the level of caffeine in these frappes is much less than the caffeine level in McCafe regular coffees.

Does Mcdonald’s Use Real Coffee in Their Frappes?

Yes, McDonald’s claims that it uses 100% real and premium quality freshly ground coffee beans in its frappes.

What Coffee is Used in Mcdonald’s?

McDonald’s uses 100% Arabica premium roasted coffee beans to prepare its coffees.

Is Mcdonald’s Frappé Hot Or Cold?

McDonald’s frappes are cold and contain ice.

Do Mcdonalds Caramel Frappes Have Coffee in Them?

Yes, they have a caramel coffee base along with a hint of coffee in them for an enhanced taste.

Final Thoughts

If you haven’t tried McDonald’s frappe yet, must give it a try on your next visit. To fill up your day with energy and boost your stamina for the day, McDonald’s frappe is the best pick.

Its premium quality frappes with quality ingredients, super-rich tastes, and appealing aromas greatly uplift the mood. Once you try these incredible frappes, you will fall in love with them!

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