Do Frappuccinos Have Coffee in Them? Unveiling The Mystery

Yes, Frappuccinos contain coffee unless you prefer customized versions of your own. Frappuccino is a cold coffee that comprises coffee roast, milk, and ice as primary ingredients and flavored syrups or whipped cream as an option.

In making Frappuccinos, coffee roast, milk, and ice are blended to make a shake-like thick and creamy liquid. It is then topped with sweet syrups and whipped cream, depending on the desired taste.

You can buy Frappuccinos at Starbucks starting at $5.60. The price increases depending on the options you choose. Besides Starbucks, you can also find Frappuccino bottles at your nearby grocery or gas station store.

Frappuccino bottle

Not only in terms of flavor, Frappuccinos are also different from other coffee types based on caffeine and calorie count. It usually has low caffeine but more calories compared to certain other varieties of coffee like Latte.

Being chilled and sweet, Frappuccinos are the perfect option to kick start long summer days, but the calorie count should be considered to avoid excess sugar in your diet.

What is Frappuccino?

The Word Frappuccino is derived from two words, “Frappe” and “Cappuccino,” which, when combined, gives the meaning of cold coffee. Frappuccino is a blend of coffee roast, milk, and ice, giving it a unique, thick texture.

The taste of coffee in Frappuccino is not as strong as in Latte because of the addition of several sweetening syrups and whipped cream.

What is Frappuccinos?

Frappuccino was first introduced in the early 1990s by Starbucks, with unique ingredients and making processes from other varieties of coffee. The concept of making a less strong and comparatively sweeter coffee came from the idea that not everyone likes strong coffee.

The addition of flavored syrups and cream gives Frappuccinos a unique taste that many coffee lovers enjoy and appreciate.

Do Starbucks Frappuccinos Have Coffee in Them?

Starbucks offers different varieties of caffeinated Frappuccinos, but if you are not a coffee lover, you can also get non-caffeinated Frappuccinos. For most of the varieties in their menu list, Starbucks uses three basic ingredients: coffee roast, milk, and ice.

The blend of these three ingredients results in a thick milkshake-like coffee to which you can add almost any toppings. The Frappuccinos made by this process have caffeine content in them, which comes from coffee roast.

However, if you are among those who don’t like coffee or want to skip caffeine, Starbucks has several options for you. You can have a Vanilla Bean Cream Frappuccino, Strawberry Cream Frappuccino, or other caffeine-free options.

What Does Starbucks Put in Their Frappuccinos?

Starbucks offers mainly two categories of Frappuccinos, which are caffeinated and non-caffeinated. Each category contains different flavors along with some essential Frappuccino ingredients.

Starbucks uses coffee roast, milk, and ice blend as primary ingredients for a Caffeinated Frappuccino. For toppings, you have several options to choose from depending on your taste. The toppings include whipped cream,  flavored crunches, and sweet syrups.

While making non-caffeinated Frappuccinos, the coffee roast is not included, and instead, the cream is added to achieve a more sweet flavor. You have several options for toppings, just like caffeinated Frappuccinos.

The final drink is a chilled, thick, sweat-in-taste coffee that refreshes your taste buds besides boosting your mind. The few most liked options from the Starbucks menu are Vanilla, Espresso, Caramel, and Mocha Frappuccinos.

Frappuccino vs Frappe

Frappuccino and Frappe have some similarities but also some differences. It can be confusing to differentiate between these two for someone who doesn’t know much about coffee.

Here is a table that includes a few similarities and differences between Frappuccino and Frappe:

Both Frappuccino and Frappe are categorized as cold, blended coffee.Frappuccinos can be customized up to a greater degree compared to Frappe.
Both types of coffee include ice and milk as base ingredients.Frappuccinos use coffee roast in caffeinated type and cream base in non-caffeinated. On the other hand, Frappe only uses instant coffee, and there is no non-caffeinated option.
Both can have similar toppings of flavored sweeteners or whipped cream.Frappuccino taste can be customized between strong coffee and sweet, while Frappe always contains a characteristic coffee taste.

How To Make Frappuccino at Home

You can make Frappuccinos at home with a few essential ingredients by following these simple steps:

Brewing of Coffee:

Choose a coffee brand of your choice and brew the coffee manually or using a coffee machine. You can do so by adding hot water to ground coffee and mixing it well.

Blend the Ingredients:

Add brewed coffee, low-fat milk, and ice into a blender or an empty container to blend them by shaking well. If you don’t want caffeine in your Frappuccino, add cream as a base instead of brewed coffee into the blender.

Adding Toppings:

Pour the thick, cold coffee from the blender into a glass. Add toppings and whipped cream to give Frappuccino its characteristic look and taste. Be careful about the amount of flavored syrup you use, as it can dominate the overall taste of coffee and ruin it.


Once toppings are done, serve the drink as soon as possible as the cream starts melting and coffee loses its characteristic texture and taste. It is often served with straw, but if the Frappuccino is too thick for a straw, you can serve it with a spoon.

Is Frappuccinos Good For You? Health Benefits and Nutrition

Frappuccinos are an excellent choice to refresh your mood and get sufficient caffeine for an active day. However, having Frappuccinos daily or a few times a day can have hazardous effects on your health in the long term. The primary reason is the added sugar, repeated consumption of which can lead to cardiovascular problems,  joint issues, and diabetes.

Frappuccinos can’t serve as a meal but have more calories than a regular meal, which can badly affect diet control. An average 16 fl oz serving of Frappuccino at Starbucks has over 380 calories. You can enjoy the taste of Frappuccinos once in a while by balancing the calorie count and sugar intake so that it won’t harm your health.

How Much Does Frappuccinos Cost at Starbucks?

Frappuccinos cost at Starbucks varies between the flavors, serving size, and toppings you choose.

Here is an overview of how much a Frappuccino costs at Starbucks:

Frappuccino Blended BeveragesServing SizePrice(avg)
Espresso Frappuccino Blended Beverage12, 16 and 24 fl oz$7.95
Coffee Frappuccino Blended Beverage12, 16 and 24 fl oz$6.55
Mocha Frappuccino Blended Beverage12, 16 and 24 fl oz$5.95
Vanilla Bean Crème Frappuccino Blended Crème12, 16 and 24 fl oz$5.75
How Much Does Frappuccinos Cost at Starbucks

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is There Coffee in a Caramel Frappuccino?

Yes, Starbucks offers caramel Frappuccino coffee, starting at $5.95 for a tall serving.

Is a Frappuccino Just Cold Coffee?

Frappuccino can be categorized as a cold coffee but differs from generic cold coffee with ice in it. Frappuccinos don’t necessarily contain coffee, as a cream base can make a Frappuccino.

Is Starbucks Frappuccino Coffee Halal?

Starbucks Frappuccino is halal when using ingredients like a coffee roast, milk, and ice. For toppings, avoid alcohol-containing syrups and cream.

Is Frappuccino Strong?

Frappuccino is not considered a strong coffee as it has less caffeine content. It is generally taste-sweet and contains more calories than other coffee varieties.

At What Age Should You Drink Frappuccino?

Frappuccinos contain caffeine, which is not good to consume for kids. One should consume this drink after 18 but always try to keep the caffeine quantity limited.

Do All Frappuccinos Have Coffee?

No, it is not necessary that Frappuccinos must have coffee. You can use a cream base instead of a coffee roast to make a Frappuccino.

Do Frappuccinos Have Milk?

Milk is essential whether you are making a Frappuccino with or without coffee. Low-fat milk is the best option to blend with coffee roast or cream.

Who Invented Frappuccino?

George Howell executed his idea of making sweat-cold coffee in the early 1990s, and the drink was then named “Frappuccino.” Starbucks holds the trademark for Frappuccino till the present day.


Frappuccino is a blend of coffee roast, milk, and ice that gives it a unique texture and flavor and separates it from other varieties of coffee. Depending on your mood and preferences, you can make it with or without coffee. It is the best coffee option for people who don’t like intense coffee taste.

However, frequent consumption of Frappuccino can lead to several health conditions, such as obesity and diabetes. It is because of the high sugar content in Frappuccino that mostly comes from toppings and whipped cream. You should use this drink as a refreshing option on a hot summer day but also take calories and caffeine into account to avoid harmful effects on the body.

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