Can You Drink Coffee With Braces?

Drinking coffee with braces is a top concern for people who love coffee but have braces on their teeth. So, if you’re looking for “Can you drink coffee with braces?”, the answer is yes.

However, it is not recommended and a poor idea to drink coffee with braces as it leaves stains.

The braces with stains and discoloration ultimately leave a poor impression on your personality and appearance. 

In case you are a coffee lover and can’t avoid drinking coffee, follow the tips to reduce its impact on braces.

These tips along with the healthier alternative options to replace your coffee will be shared later in this article.

Drink Coffee

Is it OK To Drink Coffee With Clear Braces?

Indeed, you can drink coffee with clear braces but it may stain or slightly discolor your clear braces.

If you are using Invisalign or removable clear braces, the best and highly recommended approach is to remove them before drinking coffee.

Otherwise, you may notice a slight discoloration to your clear braces after having coffee at times. 

Can You Drink Coffee With Braces?

Do you want to know, “Can you drink coffee with braces”? Certainly, you can but it is not an ideal or recommended approach due to staining issues.

Drinking coffee with braces may give you a temporary pleasure but it would ruin your braces for longer. 

When you drink coffee, it leaves stains in your braces that ultimately make you look ugly due to poorly discolored braces.

It especially happens when you drink coffee more frequently while having braces in your mouth. However, here are a few tips and techniques that you must follow. 

  • Switching from hot coffee to iced coffee can reduce the staining of braces.
  • Rinse your teeth with water and use mouthwash immediately after drinking a coffee but try to avoid drinking it.
  • If you still want to drink coffee at times, use a straw to drink it so that the coffee may bypass braces. 
  • Replace coffee with other healthier options such as milk or fresh juices that are 100% natural.  
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What Drinks Are OK For Braces?

All those drinks that are carbonated and sugary are worst for braces as they damage the tooth enamel.

They don’t only damage the tooth but also lead to erosion, tooth, decay, and staining of the braces.

However, the best options include water and milk which are safe and top-recommended choices for people with braces. 

Besides this, those fruit juices that are 100% natural and organic without any added sugars are also OK for people with braces.

However, fruit juices that are not organic or not 100% natural are also not recommended.

Similarly, you must also avoid having hot drinks such as coffee or black tea due to the staining issue. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it OK To Drink Hot Drinks With Braces?

No, hot drinks are not recommended to drink with braces. They can do more damage to your braces and teeth, especially coffee. 

What Am I Not Allowed With Braces?

With braces, you must avoid having any hot drinks e.g. coffee, hot beverages e.g. hot tea, carbonated drinks, and high-sugar drinks, etc. 

How Do You Keep Coffee From Staining Your Braces?

You must limit your coffee intake to avoid staining. If you drink it, use a straw and rinse your teeth with water/mouthwash after drinking it to reduce staining. 

Can You Drink Coffee With White Braces? 

Yes, you can drink coffee with white braces but it’s better to avoid it because it leads to slight discoloration of braces. 

What Can I Drink Instead of Coffee With Braces?

Water and milk are the most ideal choices to drink instead of coffee with braces. 

Does Coffee Make Teeth Yellow?

Yes, coffee contains compounds that stick to the teeth and make them look yellowish. 

Final Thoughts

Drinking coffee can poorly affect the color of your braces, leaving them looking tan and stained.

Therefore, it is a good approach to limit your coffee intake or try to replace it with other healthier options.

In case you still have to drink it, try to drink it with a straw and wash your teeth immediately. 

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