10 Best Dutch Bros Drinks on The Menu To Satisfy Every Craving

Dutch Bros has become a popular spot for coffee and drinks. And the best Dutch bros drinks are often packed with flavor and fun.

As a well-known coffee spot, they have cold brews, delicious breves, and mochas that are infused with flavors like caramel, chocolate, and vanilla. They also have Dutch freezes and classic Americanos.

The mood elevators don’t stop there. Dutch Bros Rebel Energy Drink is infused with flavors like lime, coconut, and blue raspberry.

If you don’t want a coffee or energy drink, you can order a Dutch Frost which is a Dutch take on American shakes, teas, sodas, fruity lemonades, smoothies, chai’s, and even Dutch cocoa.

Most of their drinks come in small, medium, and large sizes and they are customizable! Dutch Bro’s Menu prices can vary depending on what you order but you can expect to pay over 5 dollars for most of their drinks.

It is more than their expansive and high-quality menu that keeps people coming back for more.

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Dutch BRos

What is Dutch Bros Known For?

Dutch Bros are well known because of their unique and refreshing flavor combos, from coffees to sodas and smoothies. And the fun doesn’t stop there.

Dutch Bros is community-minded. Their “broistas” provide excellent customer service so when you order your favorite Dutch Bros Drink, you are getting more than your favorite drink – you are also experiencing community, quality, and connection.

Best Dutch Bros Drinks For All

Dutch Bros has a huge selection of delectable coffees and drinks. Here are some of their most popular ones. 

Golden Eagle Breve

One of Dutch Bros’ most popular drinks is the Golden Eagle Breve, a breve that consists of an espresso shot, vanilla syrup, and caramel sauce. It is topped with a caramel drizzle and whipped cream. This drink falls under the Dutch Classics, their tried and tested favorites.


Another very popular Dutch Classic is the Caramelizer, which is a perfect caramel mocha that comes with delicious chocolate milk and can be served hot, iced, or blended.  


Dutch Bros frozen favorites include the Snickerdoodle, a blended coffee, which has ingredients like cinnamon, chocolate, macadamia, and cinnamon sprinkles. 

Picture Perfect

Another frozen favourite is the Picture Perfect. This blended coffee has a caramel and chocolate sauce drizzle that swirls around its sides making it look picture-perfect! 

Shark Attack

One of Dutch Bros best drinks is the Shark Attack, a powerful energy drink that has blue raspberry syrup, coconut syrup, and lime syrup.

Double Rainbro

One of Dutch Bros best teas is The Double Rainbro. Upon sipping this tea, you feel as though you are leaping across the rainbow because of the combination of strawberry syrup, peach syrup, and coconut syrup! And this tea can be served hot or cold.

Cotton Candy

This Dutch Frost is one of Dutch Bros best ice cream shakes. It’s a candy-floss blue color containing blue raspberry syrup and white chocolate sauce with a dollop of whipped cream on top. 

Passion Water

The Passion Water Soda has become popular because of its refreshing nature. This sparkling water is infused with passion fruit and watermelon and topped with an unexpected element –  whipped cream. 

Christmas Morning Chai 

They also have more hearty and seasonal flavors that have become popular like the Christmas morning chai which tastes as cozy as it sounds. 


It’s a combination of Dutch classic ice cream, creme de syrup, white chocolate sauce, and a touch of minty fresh with whipped cream.

Here are some of the best Dutch Bros Drinks and their approximate prices:

DrinksAverage Price for a Medium
The Golden Eagle Breve$6.49
Picture Perfect Dutch Freeze$8.39
Double Rainbro$4.70
 White Mocha Cold brew$7.69
Passion Water Soda$3.99
Dutch Frost Cotton Candy  $6.59
Shark Attack$7.49
Christmas Morning Chai$5.29

Does Dutch Bros Do A Birthday Drink?

You can get a free drink on your birthday if you sign up for the Dutch Bro’s Reward Program. To do this, you will need to download their app. If you follow the steps, you can get a free drink on your birthday!

What Is The Most Energizing Drink At Dutch Bros?

The 9-1-1, a Dutch classic, is the most energizing drink on their menu. This 6-shot Irish Cream Breve packs in 6 shots of espresso and can be enjoyed hot, iced, or blended. Either way, it will give you an endless supply of energy! And there are other many coffee drinks you should try.

Dutch Bros Best Coffee Drinks

Dutch Bros Best Coffee Drinks include the classic ​​Americano, the energy-infused 9-1-1, their selection of Cold Brews and the Dutch Classics, the Annihilator, and the Double Torture.

The American consists of espresso shots of Dutch Bros’ private reserve coffee that has bold, nutty, and mild cocoa notes offering a mellow coffee for many, making it a favorite. It can be served iced or hot, and you can add cream if you like!

Their White Mocha Cold Brew has become one of Dutch Bros Best Coffee Drinks because of its refreshing and bold nature.

The Double Torture has an extra shot of espresso and is paired with syrup of vanilla, chocolate milk, and whipped cream. A great option if you are looking for an extra kick!

The Annihilator has become a favorite, especially among nut-lovers. This breve has macadamia nut syrup and chocolate – giving it a bold, nutty, and delicious flavor.

What Is The Difference Between Dutch Bro And Starbucks?

Dutch Bros may not have the kind of presence that Starbucks has in America, as they have fewer stores. Starbucks and Dutch Bros both have a wide selection of beverages but Starbucks does not have any energy drinks.

From a price point, both Dutch Bros and Starbucks are similar although, overall, Dutch Bros may be a bit cheaper.

Dutch Bros also goes above and beyond when it comes to customer service.

What If I Don’t Like My Dutch Bros Drink?

If you don’t like a drink that you ordered, you can revisit your Dutch Bros franchise and get a new one free of charge. If you are unable to get to your Dutch Bros store, you can email Dutch Bros at feedback@dutchbros.com.

Frequently Asked Question

What Is The Most Popular Drink At Dutch Bros?

The Dutch Classic, Golden Eagle Breve, is the most popular drink at most Dutch Bros. This breve consists of a shot of espresso with vanilla syrup, and a sauce of caramel, topped with whipped cream and a caramel drizzle.

What Should I Order At Dutch Bros?

It depends on what you like. If you like coffee you can order one of their Dutch Classics. And if you are looking for something sweeter, you can try one of their Dutch Frosts, lemonades, or teas. They have something for everyone. 

What Is The Dutch Bros Favorite Drink?

The Golden Eagle is currently the favorite. However, Dutch bros said the flavors that are growing in popularity in 2022 were the Flap Jack, a combination of salted caramel, white chocolate, and vanilla. The peach rings, made with white chocolate, passionfruit, and peach drizzle are rising in popularity.

What Is The Red Bull Drink At Dutch Bros Called?

Dutch Bros does not use Red Bull for their energy drinks. Instead, they use their own Energy drink called Dutch Bros Rebel Energy Drink. As Red Bull and Dutch Bros Rebel sound quite similar, some people may confuse them.

Is Dutch Bros Better Than Starbucks?

Dutch Bros has a wide beverage menu but they include Energy drinks and are more experimental with their flavors than Starbucks. Depending on what you buy, Dutch Bros may also be a bit cheaper than Starbucks and have more of a fun element.

Is Dutch Bros All Cold?

No, Dutch Bros serves hot and cold drinks. You can often choose if you want your drink to be served hot or cold. They also have frozen and blended drinks.

Final Thoughts

Dutch Bros is not short of flavor or punch, and they aren’t afraid to experiment. If you want fun and exceptional customer service, you should swing by your nearest branch. This fast-growing beverage company is the perfect place to grab a drink to elevate your mood in the morning or afternoon.

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