Best Drinks at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf in 2024

Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf is one of the most popular beverage chains established back in 1963 in Southern California.

Coffee bean’s popularity is all thanks to its high commitment to quality and reliability. Moreover, the all-time favorite ice-blended coffee has had consumers spellbound.

Although the ice blend is their hit code, you will be thrilled to discover other luscious hit lattes and cold brews.

Whether you are a tea lover, a coffee buff, or just somebody who needs some instant liquid treat, the best drinks at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf are waiting for you!

If you are not sure what to choose, we have eased your trouble by presenting a list of the most exquisite drinks at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf.

What Coffee Bean Does Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Use?

Being a quality enthusiast, Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf use only the top 1% of Arabica Beans, that too only from the best estates and farms located up to 6000 feet.

This scrutiny contributes to the rich and appealing coffee flavor, making it your beloved staple!

Best Drinks at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf

Now, let’s explore the best drinks at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf; just a quick go through the well-known classics and tantalizing new additions that can forever keep you addicted to the divine taste.  

Peppermint Mocha Latte

The peppermint mocha latte serves a divine creamy taste with rich chocolate and fresh peppermint taste. It is the most enthralling drink and everything you had hoped for!

Caramel Cold Brew Latte

One sip of this beauty will leave you totally convinced that it is just the right choice for you.

The perfect balance of caramel sauce and creamy, sweet whole milk adds a smooth texture and addictive sweetness.

Vietnamese Cold Brew Coffee

This one is a Vietnamese cafe staple also called “ca phe sua da”, a divine concoction that blends the bold flavors of Vietnamese coffee with the refreshing taste of the cold brew.

This bombastic combo lingers a little longer on the taste buds as it is a sweet and strong blend of condensed milk with dark roasted cold brew coffee.

Herbal Teas

You can enjoy the exclusive in-house recipes of herbal teas derived from special herb flowers, spices, and dried fruits.

The Herbal Infusion Harmony is a smooth mixture of ginger, peppermint, and lemongrass that acts as a delightful tonic.

Salted Toffee Ice Blended Drink

The signature espresso drink has luscious buttery toffee and a balanced salty taste that entices your taste buds with a burst of delightful flavors.

Winter Dream Tea Latte

It is a seasonal masterpiece with the aromatic embrace of sweet spice, vanilla, black tea, and rooibos. It is just the perfect drink for cozy winters!

How Many Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Are There in The World?

The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf owns over a thousand stores in nearly 40 countries worldwide. The original company-owned stores are located in California, Singapore, Malaysia, and Arizona.

You can go through the chart below to learn more about their stores worldwide.

RegionLocation/ CountryStore Type
USACalifornia, ArizonaCompany Owned
South-East AsiaSingapore, MalaysiaCompany Owned
South-Central AsiaIndia, Sri LankaFranchise Location
South-East AsiaCambodia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, Thailand, BruneiFranchise Location
Eastern AsiaMongolia, South KoreaFranchise Location
EuropeGermanyFranchise Location
Africa, Middle EastEgyptFranchise Location
Middle EastBahrain, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, Lebanon, Jordan, IraqFranchise Location

Furthermore, there might be slight menu variations in different regions according to availability, market demands and public preferences.

Who is The Target Audience For Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf?

Everyone equally loves Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, but it is the best go-to place for students and professionals because of the cozy environment suitable for a quick break on a busy day, and the refreshing drinks like cold brew coffees and creamy lattes totally provide an energy refill.

Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf
Photo Credit; Wikimedia.og, CC

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Best Known For?

The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf is best known for its carefully handcrafted coffee and tea, original ice-blended coffee drinks and tea lattes.

Who Owns Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf?

Herbert B. Hyman is the founder of the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. Jollibee Foods Corporation currently owns it.

What’s The Best Drink of Coffee Bean?

The best drinks include Ice Blended Mocha, Caramel Cold Brew and other espresso drinks. You can definitely try and discover your favorites.

What is a Good Iced Coffee From Coffee Bean?

Ice-blended vanilla is the most loved iced coffee; however, others, like cold caramel brew, are also the top choices.

What is The Most Popular Type of Coffee Bean?

Arabica coffee beans are the most popular ones, and The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf uses carefully collected Arabica coffee beans.

What is The Slogan of Coffee Bean Tea Leaf?

“Find Your Flavor” is the slogan of Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, and it is the ultimate foundation of this beverage chain.

Final Thoughts

Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf is a highly committed beverage chain that has never compromised on quality, making it one of the top-most places that serve premium coffee and tea.

One can’t really identify the best drinks as every drink has its distinct flavor and aroma, with a captivating taste. 

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